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2015 - A Round Up

Hello Again,

I wanted to do a post recapping over the past year as it's been a year of mainly ups! (I don't want to really say that encase I jinx it) but it has been a good year! 2015 is the year where all this started! BlogsVlogsEtc was just a thought and I'm so glad I started it as I do really enjoy it and I've met some great people and brands along the way.

Quite a few memorable people have come into my life and a couple have drifted away but a good few have stuck! People are always going to drift in and out of your life but the ones who stick around through the good, they bad and the down right ugly are true friends. I haven't really spoken much about my day job as it's not exciting at all! I work for a company and we deal with material that comes back from Oil Rigs for Repair or Return (see I told you it wasn't very exciting, I wear a high vis and steel toe cap boots every day). But I've met two people through work this year who mean quite a lot to me, one crazy nutter who I wouldn't really change, Emma and one Ginger hilarious dafty called Lauren. They're the ones who I snapchat on a constant basis (Emma and I have a running streak of 87 right now), I can speak to them about anything and everything and if one of us snorts or (let's be honest) farts infant of each other we don't give a damn!

I've also met (not personally but hopefully in 2016) a handful of great people from the Blogging community whom have been so kind and helpful but I'd like to say a massive thank you to Hannah from HannahHearts and Chloe from Lady Writes Blog - they have both been so kind and always share the best posts! I really hope I can meet you both in 2016!

2015 is the year April turned 3 also (where has my little girl gone?!) but she is the one who makes me thankful every single day (even the days where she doesn't sleep or spills juice over 30 times a day) obviously you teach your children a lot but you actually learn a lot from your children!! I hope I make her proud to call me her Mum!

Sam and I are stronger than ever this year and I am so grateful for having him in my life, I honestly think I'd be all over the place without him (picture Bridget Jones lying being eaten by dogs - that would be me). I hope that we can start saving and planning our wedding as that's a really exciting chapter of our lives that I just can't wait to dive into hand in hand.

I am completely grateful for everything that has happened this year. I don't know what 2016 holds but I hope it's a cracker!!

'Till next time ...


  1. Aww, I love this, Sarah. I'm sure your little one is more than proud of her Mummy.
    Happy New Year, lovely.

    Sarah | <3

  2. Happy New Year! i hope that this year will be an amazing for you!