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Guest Post - Best Friend Gift Guide - She Who Lives

Hello Again,

Today's post is by the lovely Monique from 'She who lives' and she has done a 'Best Friend Gift Guide'. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Hey loves! I have the pleasure of guest blogging on Blogs Vlogs Etc. this week. Sarah guest blogged for me a few weeks ago and you can read her post here! I really enjoyed compiling this "Bestfriend Gift Guide" for you guys! I put three items that are reasonably priced, and one splurge item for the BEST friend we all have that would do the same for us. I hope you enjoy and use this list for inspiration for the besties in your life! I've provided the links underneath the images for your convenience.

The Music Lover

The Coffee Enhusiast

The Beauty Addict

The Interior Designer friend

1. Candle
4. Vase

The Fitness Guru

1. Gym Bag

The Blogger Friend

1. A Font
In no way am I affiliated with any of these brands or stores.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! It's been such a pleasure working with Sarah, and I am so pleased to be featured on Blogs Vlogs Etc.

Do you have a game-plan for the besties? Would you love to get any of this from your friends?

Let's chat below!

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