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All things Christmas!!

Ho! Ho! Hello Again!

Today's post is going to be a Bonus Post! As it's the best month of the year - Obviously, because we get to eat chocolate first thing every morning (I'm not saying this doesn't happen throughout the year but you know - it happens) so I thought I will update you guys with all the festivities happening this month! You can now keep up to date on a daily basis over on my Instagram - I've finally set up an account for BlogsVlogsEtc.

In Aberdeen this year for the first time they closed off one of the streets in town and made a Christmas Village!! Sam and I took a walk along and took a couple of photos. They've also built a little ice rink (how cute) but Sam wouldn't let me go on it - probably for the best as I would have ended up breaking a few bones!

Another thing I like to do when the days are getting colder is sitting in wrapped in cosy blankets, watching Christmas movies with cups of tea and Lebkuchen stars! 

So that's just a couple of Christmassy thing's I've been getting up to. I would have posted a photo of our Christmas tree but I can't manage to get one without our new TV in it - I will though!!

So does your city/village have any Christmas markets going on? I'd love to see photos!

'Till next time ...

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