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Forget Supermarkets, Super Mums go to Pure Spa!

As cheesy as that sounds it is March which means Mother's Day is just round the corner and you should be thinking up ways to show your Mum just how special she really is (FYI you should be doing this all year round because at some point in your life she's probably washed your undies - you owe her). Instead of the same box of chocolates and corner shop flowers why don't you go that extra mile this year and I know the perfect thing to get her, a Super Mum Spa Package from Pure Spa!

normally £88 but until 26/03/17 you can get all of the below for a whopping deal of £65!!

Amazingly enough I was invited back along to my local Pure Spa in Union Square Aberdeen but this time it was to try out the Super Mum Spa Package and without a doubt I jumped at the chance (literally did a little jump for joy) as I have never had any pampering before other than my lash lift (which you can read all about here) so I didn't know quite what to expect but what I did know was that I was extremely looking toward to it. 

The treatments included in this cracking package are a 30 minute Sauna to rid your body of toxins and to relax your muscles, a Hot Stone Massage and an Elemis power booster facial - Trust me it's 70 minutes of pure heaven!

Upon arrival I was shown into the changing rooms where my Robe and slippers were waiting for me to strip down to my bathing suit and get all ready for the sauna. Once I was ready I was taken to the Sauna room and my therapist Amy spoke me through how the infrared sauna worked and how it benefited my body, once all the formalities were over I was left on my own to enjoy the heat and boy did it get hot! Surprisingly, it wasn't too hot and it was really enjoyable but I do recommend to drink the water they provide - you really do sweat!

Robe back on, I was shown to the Relaxation room where I was to relax and wait for my next therapist. The relaxation room is exactly that, relaxing. You can help yourself to some more water or a nice fruit tea, choose your lounge chair of choice, kick up your feet and listen to the calming music. A couple of minutes later my next therapist Monika, showed me to the therapy room where I would have the most serene experience ever. Before my massage, Monika bathed my feet and applied a light scrub while asking me about any troubles I have with my back etc. Once each of my little piggies were dry I lay down on the bed and after a couple of deep breaths Monika applied some nourishing oil and prepared the stones. A hot stone massage is a speciality massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands. The heat can be very relaxing and helps warm up tight muscles in your body so the therapist can work more deeply. This is absolutely the most relaxed I have ever been and I was so at peace that I'm pretty sure I fell asleep (I was advised that this is the best compliment to give). The whole massage was thought out and wasn't rushed, every part of my back and neck were worked on and I felt all my stress immediately leave my body. 

Massage sadly over, it was time for my Elemis Power Booster Facial, using all Elemis products Monika gently worked each product into my skin leaving it feel like new each time. This was very relaxing as my temples were gently massaged along with the front of my chest and shoulders. 

Once my treatments were finished I was taken back through to the Relaxation room to take my time and then to get changed and unfortunately face the big bad world again. I can certainly say that this was a fantastic experience that every person needs to have at least once ( I am however trying to convince my fiancé that I need it at least once a month)

(image: Pure Spa)

Most Mum's start their day before everyone else and it tends to end in the early hours of the next morning (speaking from experience here) and they do so much, you know the the daily tasks that without them doing it - they wouldn't get done so Mum's deserve some much needed TLC and Pure Spa have swept in to provide that with the Super Mum Spa Package and their other two Mother's Day Packages:

normally £56 but until 26/03/17 it's £40!
If you want some pampering time with your mum then the Marvel Mani for two is perfect for you. A deluxe manicure for two lasting for 30 minutes each is great for you to have a much needed catch up or have a 'walk' down memory lane. This treatment includes shaping, buffing, base coat, two coats of Leighton Denny's nail colour of your choice and a top coat. If that isn't enough you can also add on one extra treatment of your choice, like a hand massage or some cute nail gems!

normally £78 but until 26/03/17 it's £55!
Mum's to be deserve to be pampered too and with this package they can get a full body massage in which they use special techniques that are completely safe for pregnancies. They even use Japanese Camellia Oil from Elemis which helps to reduce stretch marks and provide a healthy natural glow. This treatment last for 70 minutes, plenty of time to all Mum's to be to get some peace and quiet before the little ones arrive!

Treat your Mum and make her feel special with the help of Pure Spa! Thank You to the lovely people at Pure Spa for inviting me along and to the wonderful staff in the Union Square Spa for being ever so welcoming and down right lovely! 

(Disclaimer: I was invited along and was provided the treatments for a review but just like every other post, my views and opinions are my own and 100% honest).


  1. This sounds incredible. Can I get away with pretending that I have a child and go with you the next time!? haha



    1. It really was Georgie! Em, yes of course you can!! Thanks for your comment girl, means a lot!! X