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My Review on the Luxury Lush Pud!

Ho! Ho! Hello Again,

Today's post is going to be my review of Lush's Luxury Lush Pud!! I picked this up in my recent Lush Haul and it's the first one I tried out and I was not disappointed! 

This very colourful bath bomb exploded as soon as it as in the water, with each little colourful dot separating off and doing it's own thing! It didn't take too long for this to create swirls and whirls of colour and bubbles! My Bathroom filled with what I can describe as a nice Sudocream Smell (my description is honestly not doing it any justice but I don't know how else to describe it). I did actually think that I wouldn't like the smell of this as one of the fragrances in this pub is lavender and I really cannot stand lavender but honestly, I could hardly smell it! So YAY for discreet Lavender! (weirdo) Once all the fizzing calmed down I was left to soak away in some lovely lilac coloured water! This Pud really did help the stress of Christmas shopping float away!!


Have you tried out this little Pud or any of Lush's Christmas products?

'Till next time ...


  1. This bath bomb looks AWESOME! The only thing that stops me from buying them is that a lot of them have glitter or "bits" in them -- which on principle I don't mind, but I honestly hate cleaning it from my bath afterwards, so no thanks! XD

    Shae xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan