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Christmas Gift Ideas Under £20 for Him..

Ho Ho Hello again,

Today's post is my Christmas Gift Ideas under £20.00 for him, now I have already done my ideas for her, you can find that post here. Now, I'm speaking personally here, I can be quite hard on Sam over the year (you haven't done the dishes or why have you done that, moan moan moan) so this Christmas I am going to make him and the other men in my life (I'm not a hussy, I'm meaning my Dad and brother etc) feel well loved this year. So if you are needing to find that little something, then look no further ...
First up is a Grow It set, to grow your own Bonsai Tree. This would be great for those green finger men in our lives. It's only £9.99

Next up is something I know I will be getting for someone this year and it's the Wreck This Journal everywhere book. You know those colouring books for adults people are going mad for? Well this is a great version of that and it would be great for both males and females. It's only £4.79

This is a great gift again, it's a phone projector. You just put your phone inside it and it projects whatever you're watching up against a wall or flat space! This would be great for movie nights with friends! You can get this one for £19.99 from

This Captain America belt is a great stocking stuffer for those men in our lives who are a little geeky (nothing wrong with that at all). You can get this belt along with other Marvel characters for £5.00 from

Next up is always a good go to gift - smellys! Some gift sets are really really good , this one is only £10.00 (bargain) from

I can vouch that this is a good gift as I bought it for Sam last year and he uses it on the daily. It's this cool camera lens mug! It's only £8.99 from

Last up is this cool little beard kit from for £17.50 and it comes with 6 products to help keep your beard to it's optimum beardness! 

I hope you liked this little gift guide and hopefully it helped give you some ideas! What are you getting the special men in your life this Christmas?

'Till next time ...

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