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A Big Thank You and My Festive Prairie Charm Giveaway!

Hello Again!!

Today's post is an exciting one for me to do because it includes my Prairie Charms Giveaway!! I started writing my blog because something that I had enjoyed doing was reading other peoples blogs so I thought to myself, why not do my own! To be quite honest, I'm impressed with myself that I haven't packed it in (I did at one point but that didn't last for very long).  I only started BlogsVlogsEtc back in August and it's taken off for me (not trying to sound full of myself, that's not what I'm meaning here) What I mean when I say that is that the biggest thing for me is the people I've 'met' along the way! I put met in quote marks as I haven't met any of you in person but it's really the twitter community of bloggers - you're all really really nice. 

So I knew I wanted to do something as like a "Thank You" for being so nice, so as I was nearing 1000 twitter followers, Prairie Charms and I decided that we would put together a little bundle of beautiful festive goodies for one of you to win! So long story short, Thanks for reading this post, my other posts and for being so kind! 

So to the giveaway!! Like I said Prairie Charms have been so generous and have put together this amazing bundle of goodies for one of you lucky buggers to win! In the giveaway there is some lovely limited edition Tartan hair pieces - I love the clip bow! There's also some cute little post-its, some very festive straws that would help make any Christmas Party! But my favourite part of this giveaway is this beautiful bird necklace! I love this!!

Click below to enter and Good Luck!!

Thank you all again,

'Till next time ...

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  1. How cute are these. I really like the floral packaging design. :)