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2017 | Goals and things that aren't going to tick me off anymore | Lifestyle

Happy Flipping New Year! 
What a year 2016 was, to round things up it was full of the Good, the Bad and let's not forget Trump (how could we forget about that wotsit?!) But let's not dwell on the year that has past, let's look forward to all the amazing things that this year could and hopefully will bring!

Personal life, I would love to get our finances all sorted and possibly look into buying a bigger family home. I am a home body so this really excites me. 
I'd love to see more of Scotland this year with the possibility of a Road Trip along the West Coast. 
I'd like my 9-5 become a little less drab but we can't have everything, can we? 
April also starts Primary School this year so this year is going to be full of all the emotions and writing her name on every single belonging!

Blog wise I really want to up my game!
Re-capping over my posts from last year they were a bit sporadic and a little all over the shop. This year I'd like to focus on my writing and write more personal and lifestyle posts. 
I'm also going to say yes more but I am also going to say no more. Last year I felt like I said yes to a lot of things which meant it looked like I was just doing review after review just for the free stuff - so not true by the way and if this is your view of blogger then you can politely bugger off! Editorial over Advertorial - right Julia?

I am also deeming 2017 as the year that I stop giving a F**k about what everyone else thinks of me! I'm so fed up of tip toeing around things incase other people don't like it - don't get me wrong, I'm not going to saunter around upsetting everyone for the sake of being a biatch, I'm just going to do more things for me. 
Also, a big one (pun not intended) I am going to stop caring if people think my ass is too big or that I shouldn't wear that top because my flabby arms can be seen. This is my body and at the end of the day if you don't like it, then that's your problem! 

So let's just hope that we can all make this year better than ever, in the words of Steps - Reach for the Stars. Blast those goals out of the park, treat yourself every so often and if you want to eat that deliciously decadent Cake, eat it!


  1. LOVE this post! You Go Girl!!!! My Goal list has a few of these elements in it too. Never made a list before, but I am glad that I have.


  2. Thanks a lot my dear! We are going to smash this year even though I still have resolutions that I made in 2013 that haven't been achieved (whoops). I also want to see a lot more of you this year!!! X

  3. Love this :) sounds like your 2017 is going to be amazing :) xx

    Rach |

    1. Thank you so much, I hope you have a great year!! x

  4. Your goals for 2017 sound like you are going to have fun as well as take no shit :). Your road trip sounds exciting, I've never been to the West Coast before so look forward to seeing any posts you have on that as it may spur me on to finally make a visit there too. Mixed emotions for you too with April going to school. You have a few more months to come to terms with that before it happens :D

    Denise | The Life of Dee

    1. Thanks Denise, that's what I was going for! I hope we do finally make it there, we've been speaking about it for a while. If we do, I'll be sure to take plenty of photos! I'm just going to make the most of it because before I know it she'll be a teenager ignoring me! x