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Kind of Christmas Lush Haul!

Hello Again,

Today's post is a Lush Haul!! (let the angels sing) I loved how the woman appreciated that none of what I was buying was for Christmas presents - why not treat yourself? I can't wait to try all of these out - what one should I use first?! I will put Lush's description of each product in my little info bit just because some of them are pure genius!

First up is something I have heard a lot about and I'm so glad I finally have it - it's Snow Fairy Shower Gel! This honestly smells good enough to eat!! It's just like liquid candy floss, I really do wish I bought a bigger bottle so I will have to go back! 

'Come your eyes, make a wish and swish on shimmer with the sweet scent of candy floss' - well if that doesn't tickle tour pickle then I don't know what will. I can't wait to use this and I think April will be a fan of it too!

Next up is one of their Christmas Bath Bombs and it's So White! This one smells really fresh with a hint of apple! This one is going to be interesting, I can't wait to see this one when it's in the bath.

'Become the fairest of them all when you sink into a bath with this bomb. Bergamot and Rose give it an apple scent as pure as the driven snow'.

The past few times I've popped into the Aberdeen Lush I have looked for this one but it hasn't been there but this time - it was! It's The Experimenter Bath Bomb! I have to say this one of the most appealing bath bombs I've ever seen - my photo doesn't give it justice! I actually can't pin down what this smells like but it's strangely nice! Plus I've heard it makes a literal rainbow in your bath - who doesn't want that? The description wasn't actually printed on the label for this one so I took this off of  the Lush website.

'If you're looking for adventure... you'll find it in The Experimenter, starring vibrant colour, popping candy and Fair Trade vanilla absolute from near the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda. An enigmatic and comforting romance of... deep, complex vetivert notes that enthrall your senses before creamy vanilla and tonka provide a sweet antidote. It's everything you've always wanted to do ... and with a plethora of five bright colours, it's the only one you'll ever want to do it with again.'

Up next is something that was on my Dear Santa Wishlist that I did for Hannah Heartss (you can find that post here) it's the Magic Wand!! This again smells good enough to eat! I love all sweet smelling things and this re-useable bubble bar! How magical does this look? They really have thought out everything with this one from the smell, to the glitter all the way down to the ribbon and bell!

'Wave a magic wander bath time with this candy sweet re-useable bubble bar wand. Swish around your bath for Snow Fairy-scented bubbles then pop it on the side to dry out for next time.'

Next up is some more candy goodness, it's Candy Mountain! I think this is one of their Christmas bubble bars as I haven't seen it in store before and again just like the Magic Wand it's so so so sweet! I love the bubble bars from Lush as you can use them multiple times! Also for someone not being a massive Pink fan - I'm loving this!

'Make bath time an even sweeter treat with this bubble bar. Crumble under running water for mountains of glistening candy-scented bubbles.'

Last up is another Christmas Bath Bomb - it's the Luxury Lush Pud! Look at all those colours!! Now, this may sound weird but I think this smells like Sudocream (you know that cream you put on babies bums - yeah that cream) - not saying that's a bad thing but that's what this reminds me of! I'm excited to launch this one into the bath because I think it's just going to be an explosion of colours!!

'Catch 40 winks of Christmas Eve with Islands of foam and comforting lavender. Simply take this indulgent bomb into the water with you for a long relaxing soak.'

So that's all I got from Lush, not that much right?! Have you been into Lush lately to grab some Christmassy Products? If so, what ones are you loving?

'Till next time ...


  1. Snow fairy is my favourite scent at this time of year!
    Charlotte //

  2. I have already finished this bottle, I will definitely be stocking up the next time I'm in Lush. Have you seen that they have now made Snow Fairy into a perfume? I'm pretty sure I need that in my life! Thank you for the comment! x