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Product of the week | In Collaboration with Hannahheartss

Hello Again,

Today's post is my Product of the week which goes alongside Hannahhearts, we have these posts on the 15th of each month and we hope you've been liking them! Hannah is a lovely girl and since starting BlogsVlogsEtc she's been such a great help and she's always answering my tech questions - so thank you Hannah! 

My Product of the week (well actually about two weeks) is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish! Before getting this I had seen it everywhere, it seemed like everyone and their dog had tried this so when I saw that you could buy it in Boots I knew I just had to get it (well Sam bought it for me, thanks love).  Please don't throw things at your screen - but, I don't really have a skincare routine!! I know, I know, but it's just never been something I've invested in but I have been the errors in my ways and I'm trying to fix it, so I thought that this product was a good thing to start with.

I got this starter kit from boots as it actually worked out cheaper than buying everything separate (I got all of this for £15.50 and buying the bottle itself is £14.00). So inside this case I got the Cleanse and Polish, two Muslin Cloths and a little card on how to use the product.  The cloths are super soft and the cleanser itself has such a nice, fresh scent. You are to use this morning and night (it's important to use it both morning and night because I started to get lazy and just used it at night but I found it wasn't working as well as it had been) and all you do is take one or two pumps and massage it into your face and neck. Once you've done that take your cloth and hold it under hot water (not scolding though) and just take a different part of the cloth to clean each part of your face. Doing this morning and night has honestly improved my skin, I've had less break outs and less dry skin around my nose!

So if you are looking for a new cleanser or just an addition to your skincare routine then I highly recommend this! I can see this being the headliner of my 'soon to be' routine!

Thanks for reading this post and make sure you go and read all about Hannah's Product of the week!

'Till next time ...

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  1. I keep hearing amazing things about Liz Earle in general but never jumped on the bandwagon, think its about time!

    Parie x