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Interview a Blogger, Emilina | Blog Series

Hello Again!

I'm loving getting to know so many bloggers, are you? This week we have the amazing Emily featuring  (also known as Emilina) so let's get to know a bit more about her and her blog!

1. Tell us something about yourself and your blog?

I'm Emily from Birmingham, England, I live in London but I'm currently on a working visa in Australia! My blog is Emilina that I've had since 2010. I used it at first for an online diary whilst I was at college and university and it has slowly progressed in to a fashion blog. Emilina is almost another side to me. A more confident and motivational side to me and I like having that.

2. How did you get into blogging? Did someone else inspire you?

Well It didn't really seem to be a thing 5 years ago. I had seen bloggers like Lily melrose starting out but for me I was obsessed with Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely in her Jeffery Campbell Platforms!

3. What does blogging mean to you and why?

Right now, everything. I'm lost without it. I had a time where I didn't think about it too much but all I want now is to make my career out of something I love doing.

4. I personally have almost stopped blogging so, What keeps you motivated?

You shouldn't! I think a good way of keeping motivated is to stop thinking about what others will think. I did that too much to the point where I didn't think anyone would like what I was posted. Now I tend to just upload posts that I like and if people will like it they will. Have more confidence in yourself. Also events, blogging events.. Speak to people, interact and it might push you to want to better your content!
5. Name some (one,two or three) of your favourite bloggers and tell us why they’re your favourite?
That's really hard! I love Lily Pebbles for beauty. I trust her. I also love AMissAMelle! Her style is spot on.. I also enjoy Helen Andersons vlogs!

6. What do you do when you’re not blogging?

I use to be a visual merchandiser for H&M which I loved, and miss my I dad. But just exploring Australia!

7. What are you most proud of when it comes to your blog?
I don't know. I'm still not at that point of feeling proud of it. But I'm excited about it overtime I click on my page!

8. Everyone has a favourite and a least favourite post, what are yours?
My first posts! and my favourites are my most recents.. Pretty obvious I think for everyone right? haha! I also love my latest NYE post.
9. As I’m mainly a beauty blogger I feel like I have to ask at least one beauty question so: If you could only use one kind of beauty product what would it be and why?
Nars Concealer forever and ever.. Just works in every way a concealer should work!

10. What would you say to someone who aspires to become a blogger?
Don't think about it too much and go with it.. Be you.. don't try to copy and definitely don't COMPARE. Worst thing ever.. Enjoy it. xxxx | Emily's Twitter | Emily's Instagram

Thank you to the lovely Emily for taking part, it was an absolute pleasure having you feature.

Come back next Saturday to see who the next blogger is.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! Its been a really exciting process
    You work very hard and are very organised!
    I wish you all the success with your blogging journey!
    Thank you for the pleasure
    Kind Regards