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My Favourite Brushes!

Hello Strangers!

I have been off of my blogging ball recently with being ill and stuff going on but I'm back bitches! (if anyone actually cares). The other day when I was cleaning my brushes (which I do every weeks of course cough cough) I thought I should do a post on my Favourite Brushes as I tend to use the same ones day in and day out, so here are my Favourite brushes!

I absolutely love Real Technique brushes so there's no surprise that there are a few in my Favourites! But there's also a few that you don't see often!

(Top to Bottom) 

First up is the Real Techniques 100 Powder Brush. This is really good for setting your under eyes with powder to stop your concealer creasing - well that's what I use it for!

Next is the  Real Techniques 301 Flat Contour Brush. I love this brush (and not just because it's rose gold -but you know) it's perfect for defining my cheek bones as it's the perfect shape, it's just fits right in there and gives you cheek bones that could cut you!

Next up is my Favourite face brush hands down and it's - Surprise - the Real techniques Buffing Brush! I use this to apply my foundation every single day! I use the MAC face and body and it works really well with this as it just helps to melt it into your skin and makes it look so airbrushed. I completely recommend this brush if you're looking for a good one to apply your foundation.

Up next are my brushes that I use on my eyes! 

(Top to Bottom)

First up is a new addition to my collection (although it doesn't look it, I may have washed this too hard) and it's the MAC 217. I basically bought this brush due to all the reviews I had read and the tutorials I had seen it being used and I am not disappointed. It just really helps blending out your eyeshadow to get rid of any harsh lines. Plus it's really really soft!!

Next up is a base eyeshadow brush from Marsk. Now this isn't a brand I've really heard of but I got it in a GlossyBox a few months back and it's actually pretty good! I tend to use this with some fix + to really pack on some colour to give a solid look.

Shocker, another Real Techniques brush and it's the Detailer brush! I'm not exactly sure what this is for but I use this to apply liquid liner! I think the shape of it really helps to apply it quite easily! I have also used this to apply concealer on those really pernickety spots and it works a treat!

Last but not least is a blending brush by Revlon. It doesn't have a name or number but it's such a good dupe for the MAC 217. It's a more dense than the 217 but it works exactly the same and was only a fraction of the price! It's a short brush because it's a travel size but I think that helps with blending. 

Well there's my Favourite Brushes - pretty sure I used to word blending far too much (#sorrynotsorry). I will be back to my normal blogging days of Tuesday's and Thursday's along with my Interview a Blogger series which is every Saturday! Hopefully you've been liking those posts and this one! Let me know what brushes are in your squad!

'Till next time ...

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