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Favourite Lip Products

Hello Again,

How have you all been? It's been a while since I've done a solid beauty post so I thought I'd share my Favourite Lip Products right now! Now as I've said before I'm not that much of a lip fan, I can wear them around my house and have as much sass as the Queen herself (Beyonce obviously - not the Queen of England although I think she walks the corridors of Buckingham Palace with a whole lotta sass) but as soon as I leave my house with anything on my lips then I lose all confidence and just feel like a bit silly. 

But anyway, here are my favourite products to wear on my lips (mainly in my house).

I have been carrying around my little Lanolips in my bag for the past few months now as the cold weather has not been treating my lips very well. This really keeps my lips from chapping.

First up is the Maybelline Color Sensational in the shade Pleasure Me Red. This is a very vibrant red and it's really moisturising.

Next up is one of my favourite of all these favourites (and I do actually wear this out of the house) and its MAC's Velvet Teddy. This is what I wear when I want a nice not so 'in your face' lipstick as it's a nice rosy nude on me.

This is one of the first lip products I bought and it's the Maybelline Color Drama in the shade nude Perfection - now this is practically the same as MAC's Velvet Teddy but it's more peachy toned. It's really easy to apply as it's a chubby pencil and it's a very moisturising product.

If you're looking to achieve the Kylie Jenner lip then you should try MAC's Whirl. It's that 90's brown shade that every brand is coming out with. Sometimes I do think this washes me out a little but then other times I love it! 

When I'm looking for something quick and easy to apply with just a little colour I grab this Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Plucker stick in the shade Berry Gorgeous. It's very glossy without the stickiness and it's really good for day to day wear!

Thanks for reading my post, whats your favourite lip product?

'Till next time ...


  1. Very pretty, love the Velvet Teddy and Maybelline nude shade. Also the Soap and Glory lippie, everything I see by them looks amazing lately! I am the same, experiment with bold colours a lot but rarely wear them out, I actually challenged myself to wear red lipstick outdoors this year it's that bad! ;-)

  2. Velvet Teddy looks like such a gorgeous shade!

    Parie x