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Union Square Summer Food Fest | Prezzo Review

Hello Again,

If you live in or near Aberdeen then you will be familiar with the shopping centre Union Square! Well their Summer Food Fest is in full swing so if you want to get your hands on some amazing deals and some delectable food then the Union Square PLUS app has you covered! From July 4th to August 15th they have some fantastic deals on some yummy food from a whole heap of participating restaurants such as Zizzi, Handmade Burger co, Carlucci's and many more!

Just head to the App Store and download the Union Square PLUS app to see all the deals and then get your backside down to Union Square and enjoy! Also if you can make it down there tonight by 6pm head to the Menu Bar in the Main Atrium (near the train station) and get your hands on some free samples of the best food available in Union Square! - Last night we went down and saw the Menu Bar in the main Atrium and there were stacks of delicious burgers from Handmade Burger co - don't miss out!

To celebrate the Summer Food Fest I was invited along with Sam and April to taste some of what Prezzo had to offer. We were greeted by the manager who gave us an insight to the Restaurants history, it's background and also it's style which is something I like because you can go there for a romantic date or as a family - it's something for everyone.

Onto the food, we had a selection of starters which was some Garlic bread and some Mozzarella Carrozza.

For our mains April had a Tomato and Mozzarella pizza which she devoured in a matter of minutes, which means that she must of enjoyed it! Sam he chose the Spaghetti Carbonara which was full of crispy prosciutto, this is one of his favourites dishes and it did not disappoint. I went for the Penne Arrabbiata, which was penne pasta smothered in a chilli infused pomodoro sauce. This was quite spicy but very moreish.

The dessert menus made there way to us ardour choices were oh so good! April went for the simple yet trusted two scoops of ice cream whereas Sam and I chose a cheesecake option. He went for the White Peach and Ameretti, which had a light biscuit base, white peach cheesecake and was decorated with crushed Ameretti biscuits. I went for the Honeycomb Smash cheesecake which also have a light biscuit base but it has pieces of honeycomb blended in the cheesecake and had even more on top.

If you're looking for a restaurant in Aberdeen to wither take your other half to or your family then I recommend Prezzo as the food is to die for and the service is first class.

Review of the Missha Masks by PLT & Lucy | Guest Post

Hello Lovelies! I'm Lucy and I blog over at PLT & Lucy, Sarah has very kindly let me steal you for this post, so huge thanks to Sarah for the opportunity to talk to you. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you me with a review and not just any review a sheet mask one. I am massively into the Korean Beauty Trend recently and it doesn't get better than sheet masks which I am rapidly becoming addicted to. I recently reviewed the Tony Moly Snail Mask on my blog but today I am telling you about the MISSHA Masks. 

MISSHA available at Beauty Bay is a cult Korean Beauty brand, famed for their highest quality ingredients and formulas. They are huge in Korea with over 300 shops and are all about perfected, beautiful, natural skin. If you are looking for products that will leave your skin radiant and youthful then look no further. MISSHA have a huge range of sheet and eye masks with something for every complexion issue from dull skin to redness to blemishes and anti-aging. I opted for the Ceramide Real Essential Sheet Mask which is supposed to; reduce the signs of ageing, eradicate blemishes and soothe any irritation and redness. This super high quality cotton mask is soaked in the Ceramide rich formula which you lay over the skin for 20-30 minutes before removing and gently massaging in the residue. This one feel instantly cooling on the skin, refreshing and soothing I definitely noticed a difference straight after using this one. My skin looked calmer and refreshed but the next day it looked even better. I used this sheet mask at night and I was amazed when I woke up the next morning and my skin wasn't my usual angry mess.... winner! I also bought the Coenzyme Q10 Sheet Mask from MISSHA which is supposed to be an Anti-Aging wonder mask. Again my skin felt instantly boosted and refreshed and I definitely saw a reduction in pores and my skin felt plumper. I wouldn't say my find lines were instantly reduced but I think with continued use of this one you may see a difference as Coenzyme Q10 is famed for its anti-aging properties. 

Overall for the tiny price of £2.50 I love the MISSHA Sheet Masks, much more affordable than many on the market, comfortable to wear, does what it says on the tin and feels like a real treat. 

Will you be jumping on the Korean Beauty Trend bandwagon? 

Love Lucy

Makeup Artist Katie Wight's Favourite Summer Products | Guest Post


Hi! My name is Katie and I am a professional make-up artist based in the north of Scotland. My passion is make up and I love making people feel amazing and helping people become more confident in their make-up skills. I am painter at heart and I feel at home painting faces. 

I wanted to share with you my top favourite must-have products for summer. Now, where I live I rarely see any sunshine. When I do, WOW, do I get excited! I am a peely-wally Scot and my freckles pop out at the first opportunity.

I have my favourite summer staples that I can’t get by without which I will share with you today. 

I also have a You Tube channel (Katie Wight Make Up) so head over there for a video dedicated to this subject and let me show you my faves in action. If you like it, hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to keep up with my latest tutorials.

My top tips for summer make up are: 

Wear less! 
Always remember to wear sunscreen and a hat if you have 
Use a tinted moisturiser or a BB/CC cream – this will give you a glowing natural finish with a little coverage and a hint of colour. 
Focus on pops of colour whether that be your eyes or lips 
The name of the game is glowing skin and you can achieve that by using good skin care and illuminating products 

Let’s start with skincare… 

If you want to achieve that gorgeous glowing summer skin look then look at your skin care routine. 


I picked up this product a few weeks back in Boots as they were half price. I am astounded at the difference in my skin! I‘d been struggling with bumps under my skin on my face for months and I tried everything but within a few days of using these pads they disappeared (hoorah!) The texture of my skin has vastly improved. 

As far as I can see these pads can be used on all types of skin tones. After cleansing wipe a pad across your face, then voila! dreamy skin coming your way. I always do this at night as there is a warning on the packet about being careful in the sun. The product has glycolic acid, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid and blue daisy.

Next, illumination is key!


This is a must for your holiday suitcase! This is a highlighting and moisturising body glimmer so you can use it all over your body and it smells amazing.


This is a staple in my make up bag and looks amazing on all skin types. It’s a definite must for a dewy look. You can put it all over your face on top of moisturiser or just at the high points of your face. As I have dry skin I always use a moisturiser underneath but if you have normal or oily skin you may be able to use it on its own. This product has Green tea and botanicals which help to brighten and clarify and will give you that glow from within.


This is my favourite non-foundation hands down. It’s perfect for my skin tone and really makes my skin glow. The coverage is lightweight which you can buildable. This is a 10 in 1 product so what that means is that it has 10 benefits. It primes, protects the skin's moisture barrier, conceals discolouration’s, hydrates, mattifies, brightens, covers blemishes, refines pores, soothes and helps perfect your overall complexion. This is also a vegan product. Love it!


This is a loose mineral based pigment which is white with a pink pearl base tone. I love this and use it everywhere as highlighter and eyeshadow. It’s very difficult to describe how beautiful it is so take a look at my video and you will see for yourself. Sara’s products are fabulous.


This is a gorgeous gold highlighter that can be used as highlighter or on the eyes. Golds and ambers are so beautiful in the summer.

I’ve just looked and MAC no longer sell this, it must have been a limited edition for Christmas!
Sorry guys, a similar product would be Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator Compact in So Hollywood or Frenzy by NARS.


So this summer’s trend is super dewy glossy lips. I think it’s nice to have a pop of colour in the summer months. My favourite glosses right now are the very affordable NYX butter glosses and they come in a variety of shades.

Lancome Juicy Tubes are also a firm favourite

Clear lipgloss on a natural pout is beautiful too, try MAC’s lipglass

I hope you enjoyed my favourite summer products, please do get in touch and let me know what your favourite products are. 

​Come and visit me on social media;

You Tube Channel: katie wight make up

Instagram: katie wight mua

Twitter: @katiewightmua

If I could design my Wardrobe ... | Fashion and Lifestyle

Hello Again!

I have recently cleared out my wardrobe and was really cut throat with throwing things away. I really want to have a wardrobe where I can open it and want to wear everything that's in it! 

I'm very restricted with space in my house so that got me thinking about how I would design it if I could! For now these images are just living on my Pinterest boards, but one day, one day, I could make it a reality. My style is quite minimalistic, clean lines but still very me. I also currently have a closed wardrobe but I would ideally love to have an open one so you can walk into your room and see everything you have (pre-decluttering I would of hated that idea, but post-decluttering I'm loving it).

Thank you for reading this post! Do you ever find yourself dreaming of your 'dream wardrobe?' or do you have it? Let me know!

Sources: All images sourced from Pinterest

HJC Styling | The Launch of the new Styling Service taking over Aberdeen

Last week I attended the Launch of the new Styling Service in Aberdeen, HJC Styling. The night was the perfect amount of fashion, advice, laughs and fizz! 

Meet Hayley, the face of HJC Styling. Hayley is a Personal Styling Consultant who has plenty of experience in the styling world. She wanted to start her own company as she felt that in her previous jobs she was restricted with the brands and the sizes and she wanted to change that.

HJC Styling provides a wide range of services for every kind of client. If you are looking for some help but don't have much money you can arrange a consultation online, where you send a few photos of yourself, fill in a quick questionnaire and they can help you style your shape and size. If you are looking for more of a hands on service you can book a wardrobe consultation where she will come to your house and help you tidy up your wardrobe - get rid of this impulse purchases that you have had hanging there for months (possibly even years) and you've never worn and help shape it to your needs and style. My favourite of all their services is the Shop and Style where Hayley will meet you in town, you'll go for a cuppa, talk about what you want help with and she will go shopping with you pointing out pieces that will look great on you! If you like the sound of these services I have included the price list below.

Price List:

Online Styling Service: £25.00
Colour Consultation: £80.00
Shop and Style: £120.00
Wardrobe Consultation: £150.00
Fashion Workshop / Bridal Workshop: £170.00

To show us a little of what she's all about she put on a little fashion show. She spoke through past and present trends and how to were florals. It was actually really great, I learned a few things like if you are struggling how to accessorise an outfit that has a bold pattern squint your eyes and the colours that stand out the most you should use for example a bright bag or a stand out piece of jewellery.

I managed to catch five minutes of this lady's busy life to ask her a few questions so that we can get to know a bit more about her.

Hayley is a breath of fresh air to the Styling industry and I am really looking forward to getting to know her some more, seeing her new venture blossom and most importantly get some styling advice!! (It's greatly needed).

I would like to say a massive Thank You to Hayley for inviting me along to her Launch, it really was a great evening. Congratulations and Good Luck!

If you are in need of some Styling advice you can contact Hayley as per below:

Hayley Charles
Personal Styling Consultant

Styling Appointments and Colour Profiling
Wardrobe Consultation
Bridal Consultation
Corporate Presentations
Fashion Work Shops


June Favourites | Beauty, Fashion and General Faves

Hello again! 

It's been a month or two since I did a monthly Favourites and seeing as I've been loving a lot this past month I thought I would share what I've been loving over June!

First of all is something that landed on my doorstep only a few days ago but I love it already and it's Tanya Bakes by Tanya Burr. If you've been living under a rock and don't know who she is, she's a YouTuber who is all about beauty fashion and mainly baking! She released her first book a year or two ago and I have that one but this is my favourite. It's filled cover to cover with delicious looking cakes and pastries and I can't wait to give them a bash. I used to bake all the time but when we moved house I stopped as we have quite a small kitchen but recently I've been doing a little here and there and I now know what book I'll be reaching for when I want to bake something amazing!

This is kind of cheating since it was put on Netflix on July 1st but I have loved it for years and years so I'm including it - the Gilmore Girls!! As they have announced that they're filming new episodes (YAY) Netflix amazingly have released every single episode and I've been binge watching ever since.  Short rundown - A mum and a daughter, Lorelai and Rory, live in a quaint and quirky town called Starshollow. You follow Lorelei and her rollercoaster life of love and her relationship with her parents and you follow Rory and her passion for Harvard and her (stunningly beautiful) boyfriends. I'm obsessed!

Little bit of self advertising here but I had a little relaunch of the blog. I've changed the layout and it's now interactive (I did coding - I'm so proud) and I'm now satisfied with how 'grown up' it looks. So much so that I got these little business cards printed. Ok the only people I've handed them out to are my Friends and Family but that counts, right?

Another fave is of the shoe variety and I know you can't see them very well in the picture but they are a low fat heel, peep toe black suede shoe - so rubbish with my describing. I got these for a Styling event I went to the other day and I wanted to go for a heel but because I'm almost 6ft tall I needed them to not be high at all and these we perfect! 

My only Makeup favourite of the month is my very first NYX product and its the Illuminator in Ritualistic. This is a silvery golden highlighter - it's just beautiful on the tops of your cheekbones! I've heard that this is a cracking dupe for the Balm's Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer so thats greats seeing as it's less than half the price of that! Love a bargain!

I have truly saved the best for last. I was at work and I've been having a hard time recently because it's very hardcore and it was one of 'those' days and then I got a text. It was a photo of April proud as punch holding up this picture that she drew. It's her family she said, Mummy, Daddy and April. She is growing up far too fast. 

 So that's all my June Favourites, what have you been loving this past month?