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Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Review

Hello Again,

Today's post is a different one - it's a review on the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure at Crathes Castle! First of all I'd like to say a massive thank you to Lesley and the Team at The Big Partnership for this amazing opportunity and for the ace team at Go Ape Crathes Castle. What is Go Ape I hear you ask, well, Go Ape is the UK's number one forest adventure! The classic go ape experience is a two - three hour adventure going through the different stages of the course and releasing 
your inner Tarzan while taking in the great scenery!

There are 29 locations all around the UK and there's three in Scotland and no tree top adventure is the same all set in some of Britains most spectacular forests. It's also great to do in any weather, just as we were started it began to rain but we didn't get wet as we were under the trees and it definitely didn't put us off!! The only thing I would say before you Go Ape is make sure you're wearing clothes that you don't mind getting muddy as we got MUDDY! But we were all in clothes that we didn't care about so it wasn't a problem - to be honest with you I landed every zip wire backwards and got covered in mud and bark but it was great (just like when you were a kid and splashed in muddy puddles - it felt just like that).

Here I am looking glamorous as ever in my Harness!

At the Crathes Castle site we were all harnessed in then we were taken over to the safety brief area by our instructor Matt and he showed us how to attached properly to the course and how to do it safely - with the number one rule being ' Always stay attached'. After we passed our little safety brief we were let loose into the woods and this is where my fear kicked in (I didn't actually know I had a fear of heights until I was how ever many feet up in the air). So at the start of each stage you are greeted by a rope ladder that you climb up to start the course (this was one of the scariest parts of me but I have no idea why I was scared - if anything was to happen - like it did, let's save that for later, you're always attached so you're never going to fall). The first stage we had to walk over a wooden bridge then do our first Tarzan jump into the net - this was the part that after everyone did it - they weren't (that) scared anymore. 

Here's my little Tribe. (Left to Right) Sam, Rebekah and Tom all eager to get started.

Stage 1, Rebekah just getting ready to do her first Tarzan Jump! (It doesn't look that high but trust me, it was!!)

High in the trees! Here we have Rebekah and Tom making their way over to the Skateboard Zip line.

To that story, I was going up the ladder at stage three and just froze, I could not move! I wanted to but I just couldn't so I sat out stage three but Sam and his brother and sister carried on and had an absolute blast. It's a really good experience for over coming your fear of heights and its exhilarating.
After I took a breather, I wanted to finish the course and I'm so glad I did because I just accepted that if anything was to happen that I'd be perfectly safe and guess what? We all did it and loved it!! At the Crathes Castle site they have the unique Skateboard Zip Line - this is where you zip line down while standing on a skateboard! This was so cool and the part that I think we were all looking forward to the most. My favourite part was the very last zip line which was the longest (I was going to film myself going down it but I was terrified that I'd drop my camera) I just felt so proud for finished and I just leapt off the platform and enjoyed flying through the air!

Rebekah and Tom just finished the course, like I said - be prepared to get Muddy!

Go Ape is all about having having fun, getting out and being adventurous! So if you are looking for something different and something to push you out of your comfort zone you should definitely Go Ape! I've never done anything like it before and now that I have I feel like I could do it all over again and more! 1 down - 28 to go!

Here we all are after finishing the course! Our Go Ape Tribe!

Thanks again to The Big Partnership and to the team at Crathes Castle for a great day out! If you'd like some more information just have a read here.

Here's some footage that I took of our day at Go Ape, Crathes Castle

Thanks for reading my post, have you ever went Ape?

'Till next time ...


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  2. I think I might actually be tempted to try it...!

    Christy x
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