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Product of the Week | In Collaboration with Hannahheartss

Hello Again!

Hope you have all been well! You're maybe thinking, 'Sarah, it's Monday, what are you doing posting on a Monday?' (or maybe you don't care very much about the fact I'm posting on a Monday - there are two kinds of people in the world), well today is a little bonus post as the lovely Hannah from HannahHeartss and I have decided to do a product of the week post on the 15th of every month so if you missed our post's from last month you can read Hannah's here and mine here.

At the end of last month I went and did a little shopping as there was so many things just released that I wanted to try and this was the main one I wanted to get my hands on. It's the Maybelline Super Stay 24h Setting Spray. Now I have been a massive fan of the MAC Fix + but that doesn't really keep my makeup on for long it just gives me a nice dewy look (which don't get me wrong, I bloody love it for that reason) But when I saw this I knew I wanted to try it and see if it did help my makeup last longer, and guess what?! It does!

I spray this about 5 times (although it says you only need 2-4) after I have applied my foundation, blush, bronzer etc but I apply it before my liner and my mascara because I have found when applying this once everything is on, it keeps the liner and mascara wet for a while which helps it smudge half way down my face (that may be your look but it's not the one I'm going for). That is however the only downside of this product! I am on the go from very early in the morning, I can normally be found applying my make up at 6 in the morning and since I've been using this, my make up has been lasting till I take it off at night which is normally at 10pm - So that is a big yes please from me! Another thing I like about this product is that it doesn't really have a scent. I know there are some setting sprays out there that come with a very strong whiff which isn't really what you want all over your face! 

I highly recommend this product as it does what it says on the bottle. It locks in your make up and it lasts for a long time - ok I haven't tried to see if my make up lasts for 24hours but I'm not normally on the go for 24 consecutive hours, but you if are please give this a try and let me know! It's also really affordable as it retails at a nice £6.99 in boots.

Thank you for reading about my Product of the Week, please don't forget to head over to Hannah's post all about her product of the week - it's a good one!!

'Till next time ...

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