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Product Empties!

Hello Again,

Flash back to about 5 months ago and my Make Up Collection only really consisted of one mascara, a little eyeshadow palette, a concealer and some baby wipes. But now, I personally (Sam does too - he thinks there's too much) think that I have a fair collection. I now have a skincare routine - which I have never had one before - baby wipes no more! I now have multiple lip products, mascaras, foundations etc etc. So today's post is going to be about all the empties I've been storing up, I have finished these products over the past month and some have been great and others not so much. So I'm going to do a mini review on them, so if that sounds up your alley then carry on reading.

First up is a product that I have used every single day - it's the Mitchum Advanced Control, 48hr Protection Powder Fresh Deodorant. I actually bought this as my mum recommended it to me. She is a very busy woman who is constantly on her feet and she said that this literally makes you sweat free. I was sold, there's nothing worse than smelling a little of BO, and this is honestly one of the best roll on deodorants I've ever used. I apply it first thing in the morning and I'm protected all day long! I will be buying this again.

Next up, I'm very sad to say this is finished, its my MAC Prep and Prime in Radiant Rose. This was one of my very first MAC products. I bought this because I have baggage. Big dark baggage under my eyes, I had heard that this really helps to brighten that area and it does  exactly that. I have loved using this and the applicator is amazing, just like a little brush that I drew a couple of lines under each of my eyes and dabbed it in with my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and voila - "bags-be-gone". Again, I will be buying this, and probably over and over again!

This product I wasn't so happy with. It's the Silvikrin classic hairspray by Wella. The reason I wasn't a massive fan of this was because even with a light spray my hair went crispy (and I only like crispy batter, crisps and rice crispy treats - not crispy hair). I just think because it went crispy it made my hair look really greasy - now give it it's due - the hold is 5 - maximum hold so my hair didn't budge - but it didn't sit nice. So no, I won't be buying this again in this hold, but possibly in a different one.

Next is a product that I want to say I use every day, but what's the point in lying to you and myself! It's the I heart Make Up - no shine please primer, matte. (phew I even got tired typing that). I know you should always prime as it smoothes the surface of your face and helps your make up last longer, but most days I'm applying my make up at the back of 6 in the morning and I just can't be bothered. But every single time I have used this I have never been disappointed! I love this so much that I have 2 more full tubes! It's the first primer i have ever used and it does exactly what it's meant to do! I will and have been buying more! (plus can I also add it's under £2 - just saying').

Another hair product that I have used up it the COLAB Sheer + Invisible dry shampoo in the New York Fruity Fragrance. I am very indifferent about this. It's great for when you've got 3 day hair and it's just needing a little refresh but I have been reading very bad things about dry shampoo, that it can lead to hair loss! I don't like the sound of that (I'm sure you don't either) but as it's not something that I use on a daily basis I don't think it's going to cause me major damage! The smell of this is amazing!! Now when i saw 'New York Fragrance' I was thinking (by the way, before I start, I have never been to New York so this is just what I would think, also I don't want to offend anyone because I'm sure you're all lovely smelling people and I'm sure new york is too) it would smell like subways, pretzels and a little bit of car exhausts - but in actual fact I think this smells lovely! It's what I imagine central park on a fresh spring morning with all the flowers coming into bloom. It's super fruity and it actually leaves my hair smelling like that all day! Thumbs up from me ad I'm definitely going to be buying more of this and different fragrances from their range.

Now this is a product that I received in August's Glossy Box - SASS Intimate cleanser. Now, funny story short, Glossy Box actually mistakenly put on their fact card that this was a cleanser for your face. So for about a week I was using this on my face, my face has never been smoother. So one night I found the brand on twitter, followed them and scrolled through some of their tweets - and found out that it was actually a cleanser for your intimate area!! (Very embarrassing) But anyway, I started using it for it's actual purpose and I love it! One of the things it claims is that it'll help keep you shower fresh all day - that it does! I am very intrigued to have a try of more products from their range!!

Last but definitely not least is a product that I have been using every single day, it's the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water. I have not used a single baby wipe/make up wipe since buying this!! I had heard so many different peoples opinions on Micellar waters and I thought I should just try it and see for myself. Well, this takes my make up off so effortlessly (like no scrubbing happens at all - just a gentle wipe and it removes even mascara - yes mascara). One of the reasons why I was hesitant at first is because my skin is super sensitive so I did make sure that I bought one suitable for sensitive skin and it has not irritated my skin at all!! It's a fair size bottle, 400ml which they have said will last for 200 uses. I'm not sure I got 200 uses out of it but I think I'm using way too much but I haven't been far off! I will be buying this again, I actually already have!

So that is my product empties from the past month or two, most I loved some didn't really tickle my pickle. What products have you went through and did you love them or were you not too crazy for them??

'Till next time ...


  1. I’m really loving Mitchum at the moment, I haven’t tried their roll on versions just the spray so will have to check them out :) I’ve been getting back into Colab recently after disliking the white marks left by Batiste and loving their updated range :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. The roll ons are really good - I haven't tried their sprays yet so I'll have to check them out! I know I was a major fan of bariste but I was fed up of the white marks - so Colab is perfect as it doesn't do that - also the range of fragrances is great!

  2. I love Colab. I can't use any other dry shampoo at the moment because I love the smell of the Colab ones too much x