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all things autumn

Hello Again,

I'm so excited to be writing this post (I'm pretty sure I write this every other time now but it's true) as it is now coming to my favourite time of the year, Autumn!! Holy Hell this year has flown by but the time has come that there a crispness in the air and the leaves are turning a beautiful shade of orange - I'm so happy!!

Now Sam and I were actually April free this past weekend - she was away having a lovely time with her Grandma and Auntie at a caravan in Cruden Bay - she was very excited (I'm saying excited a lot - it's because I'm writing about Autumn - babbling now) so we thought we'd have a little inexpensive day out (payday - so close yet so far away) so we decided to go to Westburn Park, which is a lovely big park near the centre of Aberdeen full of big old trees and a little river, and have a little conker hunt! We did this last year with April and she had a blast but this year we thought we would go and then take her another day. Long introduction to this post but here we go, so here is my very long post about all things autumn and our little Conker Adventure! (disclaimer: there's going to be a whole lotta' orange and burgundy colours, leaves, the ever so damn beautiful Starbucks cup and well, you get my drift).

So before heading to the park we did make a little detour to Starbucks! Simply to get my hands on one of these cups! (Aren't they the most instagrammable thing ever?) We both decided to have a Venti Caramel signature hot chocolate - It was amazing!! The first hot chocolate of the year always is - it was just missing marshmallows. (By the way how cute a we with our matching cups - we were also were matching converse - we're cool like that).

So we honestly wrapped up for a chilly day but in fact it was almost like the middle of summer - there was a clear blue sky, birds singing and wasps flying about - a lot wasps! Walking through the park everyone was wearing just shirts and shorts but sam and I were in jackets and hoodies, we were melting. It was so nice just having a relaxing walk together with no stresses. We had also made a little stop at a shop to grab some tasties so we could have a little picnic, sandwiches, cheese strings and sweets! I also picked up a bag of Coconut and Caramel Poshcorn - which is fancy popcorn apparently. My thinking was I love coconut flavoured things and I love caramel so I thought it would be a hit - I was wrong, so wrong. It tasted horrible, like perfume flavour pieces of stale popcorn. (I was sooo disappointed - plus I paid £2+ for it). Yuck!

But our main reason for going to these parks was to find some Conkers! We went here last year around the same time and found about 50 plus but this year we were either too early or too late but we did find a handful! I don't know why we have this tradition but I love it - it's just nice to have such a green area in the centre of the city. I never went on conker hunts when I was little so I'm making up for it now.

We gave April some of the conkers this morning and she's been holding onto them like they're her most cherished possession, the remainder i am going to be putting them in the corners of the rooms in our house. Apparently doing this will keep spiders out - not sure if this is true but I'm going to give it a bash as I'm terrified of the eight-legged beasties!

I'm really looking forward to all the leaves changing and the nights getting darker. I'm also looking forward to doing more blog posts like this one - it's a nice change from the beauty side of it (but don't worry, there's still plenty more beauty coming - Hi my name is Sarah and I'm a Beauty Junkie).

So that was our little Autumnal Adventure. Do you have any traditions for this time of year and have you been able to find some conkers?

'Till next time ...

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  1. I’m the same Autumn is my favourite time of the year :) Those new Starbucks cups look so cute!! I love going conker hunting ;)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee