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Life ...

Hello Again,

This post is just going to be short and sweet. I first set out doing this saying that I would do three posts a week, which to begin with was fine. But recently it's been a bit of a struggle, work has been very stressful (thank god it's almost the weekend), home life has been, well home life and I don't want to be taking time away from family because I have a blog post to write (family is the most important thing to me) so I'm going to go down to two a week! I think if I kept doing three just now then I wouldn't enjoy it and I'd start to resent it - which I never want that to happen.

So for now, not saying that it won't go back up in the future, but for now two is more realistic with my life. So every Tuesday and Saturday I will be posting.

I couldn't do a post without a picture though, so if you don't follow me on instagram (the link to my instagram is at the header) here are a couple of my favourite photo's that I've taken recently.

The first day April could 'scoot' on her scooter, A mini make up Haul and the beautiful bouquet of flowers Sam sent me on my birthday.

April (looking so damn grown up) and my favourite from Handmade Burger, Piri Piri chicken with bacon in a pitta bread (Now I'm starving).

'Till next time ...

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