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Pamper Night!

Hello Again,

This is one of my favourites posts, why? Because I actually had a Pamper Night! It's very very rare that I get a couple of hours to myself to have a bath and treat myself - all you mums (and dads - I don't forget the dads) will know how hard it is to even have a pee in peace!! Like, Come on Kids, just 2 minutes!!!

But anyway I decided that seeing as I had treated myself to a couple of things from Lush that I would indulge in a nice bath so I firstly had to decide on what bath bomb to use! I bought three things, a Candy Creme Bubble Bar - it honestly smells good enough to eat (don't though, just don't), I also got a Dragon Egg, it smells so fresh and lemony, I think I'm going to really like that one I think but I decided to use Intergalactic! I have actually seen Zoe (Zoella) use this one in one of her vlogs and it looked amazing!! Of course April wanted to have a look, I don't blame her! Just take a look yourself:

So once it had un-fizzed, my bath water was left a beautiful deep blue with so much Glitter!! My sister said that its glitteryness was it's only downfall - but not for me - I love glitter! I also want to add that whoever at Lush comes up with the descriptions of their products is truly wonderful and they have such an imagination. The description for Intergalactic is, "Ground control to major bomb. Prepare for takeoff as this awesome mix of peppermint and popping candy explodes in your bath, creating the scent of an intergalactic 80's rogue. Launch it into the water to become to guardian of your own galaxy' - Now who the hell wouldn't want to be a guardian of their own galaxy?! I would say the only thing I didn't like all that much was how minty it was - I thought it was just a bit overpowering - but when I had been in it for about 5 minutes I was used to it. So after a couple of minutes letting the stresses of the previous week disappear I picked up this Month's edition of Cosmopolitan and had a read. I also put on the UK Top 40 of 2015 playlist from spotify just to fill the silence, I'm not one of those people who likes it to be completely silent (the voices in my head speak too loud for that). I am really liking how deep is your love by Calvin Harris right now, it's a song that I could listen to over and over again and not be put off.

I was literally about to fall asleep so I decided it was time to get out! But take a look at how much glitter was left in my bath!! I bloody loved it - it made me so happy! Ok I had to give the bath a clean and there is a light coating of gold glitter everywhere in my house, I still loved it! I am definitely going to be buying Intergalactic again and many many more!!

I did have a quick shower just to rinse off some glitter and just to, well you know, wash. I picked up my Sass Intimate Purifying Cleanser which I got in this month's Glossy Box. There is a very funny story about this but I shall leave that for my review on all the products. But this is a wash for your, you know, your who-ha! (we're all grown up's here but I just can't speak about washing my vagina, ok) but it really is an amazing product!! Leaves you feeling shower fresh all day which is all a woman wants!! I will definitely be buying and trying a few more of their products! I then moisturised with my Dove nourishing body cream, I love this especially for my legs, it leaves them silky smooth!! I've got really dry skin pretty much all over so this is a must!

I then cleansed my face with my Garnier Micellar water just to make sure that everything was off of my face as you don't want to go to bed especially with make up left on your face - it's not good for you. And that was pretty much my little Pamper Night. I do really think it is important to treat yourself every now and again because for me it really helped me to unwind and relax.

Is there anything that is a must for you when having a Pamper Night, if so let me know.

'Till next time...

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