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Guest Post - Eilidh Bee!

You Gotta Friend In Me

Hey everyone, 

It's Eilidh Bee here from Eilidh Bee is Blogging! 

Sarah has invited me to be a guest blogger for her page so I decided to spread the message #beeyou around. As you have probably guessed from the title it's going focus on friendship and being a good friend!

I decided to do this because I thought, considering I’m being a guest blogger on my besties page, I’d talk about friendship and my top 3 tips to help. These mainly focus on helping a friend who is struggling or has something going on. Hope you enjoy!

PS: I am no friend expert or know what I’m talking about professionally, this is just based on my experience and what I feel helps my friends and I. 

Empower and Encourage

I haven’t known Sarah for very long at all but I would already class her as one of my best friends which are hard to come by. One of things I feel is important when being a friend is always encouraging them. Whether it is “OMG you need to eat that cake or I will” or “come on we can do one more mile running” - having a friend to push you and give you the reassurance you need to do something can mean soo much! When I think about who encourages me to do what's best and be strong enough to do things I may not want to, my friends are usually the ones who give me that finalisation its what I should be doing. My family and Chris (my boyfriend) are always there to support me but sometimes you can’t help feeling as though they may just be saying it because they love you and want to make you happy but friends can be brutally honest and still love you after it all.

The Importance of Listening

Following that, encouraging them may not always be the first step to helping them. Listening is suuuper important and knowing when to stop and listen to what they are saying. Sometimes people can have loads and loads running through their heads and they need somewhere to let it out and that exactly what friends are for. If you guys reading this are anything like me, when I have a million and one things going on in my head I sometimes feel that if i start talking about them people will get bored. So taking the time to just listen to what your friend(s) are saying can make all the difference to them.

Unsure? Just Ask!

One thing I love about my best friends is their ability to know when something is wrong. There comes a point when you get to know someone so well you can pick up subtle hints something isn't right. It could just be the way their laugh sounds, the lack of conversation, or something as obvious as them having a sad face. If you are unsure if there is something wrong - just ask them. If you notice something that seems off, it could be nothing or it could be something they don’t have to courage to start talking about off their own backs. If they say “its nothing”, my advice would be don't hound them about it. They clearly aren't ready to talk but the fact you have asked shows them you are concerned and ready to listen when they are ready to talk. Try not to take offence and just carry on the day together as normal. Changing to topic or making general conversation can either take their mind off of the problem or give them time to think how they want to talk about whats bothering them. Overall, let them do things at their own pace and be ready when they want to talk!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guest post today about friendship, hopefully this is a helpful breakdown of my experience of being a good friend. I’m sure you all know all this already just thought it would be relevant, seeing as I am posting on my besties blog! 

Keep smiling…



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