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My August Love List!

Hello again!

Today's post is going to be my August Love List. I saw Victoria from In the Frow do this the other day on her channel and I really like the idea, I liked it so much that I thought I would do mine! This is different from your typical Monthly Favourites which normally revolve around beauty products and fashion, this is more about what you've done throughout the month, places you've been etc that you've loved and enjoyed.

So here is my August Love List. I Hope you enjoy!

What I Watched: Favourite Film/Programme:

This hands down has to be The Great British Bake Off! I absolutely love this programme. For the people who either live out-with the United Kingdom or Under a Rock I'll give you a brief run down of how the show works! So it starts out with 12 keen bakers, entering a rather nice tent to pretty much bake for their lives! The judges are Mary Berry - the sweetest little old lady you'll ever meet (not that I have but I'd love to) and The silver back himself - Paul Hollywood! They have 3 challenges a week sending someone home every week until they have a winner!! One of the best parts - Sue and Ruth - they are there to help, send encouragement but along with that they bring beautiful innuendos and such great banter!! I love this programme!! (Watching it as I type and Paul Hollywood is flashing poor contestant Paul his icy stare, if he flashed me that then I'd crumble faster than, well, crumble).

What I Snapped: Favourite Photo:

My favourite photo that I took this month is the one below. It's so simple but it was a really nice part of my month. I had to go into town after my work one day to go get all measured up for my new spectacles (pronounced - spec-tec-a-les with a bit of a speedy gonzeles accent) so as I was waiting for my bus, I phoned my sister Katy just for a general chit chat and she said she would come with me. So we went and got the glasses all sorted and then we thought we'd grab a cheeky cafe Nero. It was nice just hanging out with her and catching up, it was actually her first day of college (she's training to be a hairdresser - about bloody time, she's only been cutting her own hair for about 13 years!). We don't see each other as often as I'd like as we both lead very different lives, I'm normally spending my time with Sam and April and she's either at a motorbike rally or in the pub, but it is nice when we have a little catch up.

Who I Loved: Favourite Person:

I have to say my favourite person this month is my little girl. But in saying that she's not so little anymore! She's turning 3 in October and she keeps reminding me of how big she is, but she just makes me so damn proud! One thing that is really sticking in my mind is one morning April was sitting in our bed chatting away to herself then all of a sudden she was pretending to be doing a make up tutorial. I started handing her brushes and she was saying that they were for her face, it was so cute and so funny. Things like that really just make you remember that you are moulding them into being the grown ups they will be one day. That's a major responsibility, one that I love having!!

What I Wore: Favourite Piece of Clothing:

The thing I have loved wearing this month definitely has to be my white Chuck Taylor 
converse! I literally wear them every day, but I do need a new pair as mine are very dirty and throwing them in the washing machine just isn't doing the trick but I love how I can wear them to the park or on a date night, they're so versatile!

What I Did: How I spent my Free time:

This is either watching videos on Youtube (I am rather obsessed. Like, really obsessed) or writing posts for my blog. Any spare time I have you can find me watching either hauls, or make up tutorials or vlogs. A few people I am obsessed with just now are Jaclyn Hill (she is Queen - also her snapchats are funny as hell), Shaaanxo (Shannon - you should check out her make up collection - WOW! Also she's from New Zealand - her accent is amazing) and Kathleen Lights (she can do make up like crazy). But I just love watching them, looking at new products and how the look like on and just being generally nosy! My blog is also a very important part of my life right now. I have truly dedicated myself to doing it and I am rather proud of the way it's turned out. I have always tinkered with blogs but I've normally gotten bored after a couple of days but this one is sticking - finger's crossed I keep it up!

What I Ate: Favourite Food:

Sunday Roast Chicken Dinners - HANDS DOWN! I love a roast chicken dinner, but I have to have all the trimmings. I'm talking roast potatoes, skirlie (white pudding - consists of oats, lard and onion - sounds disgusting but it's amazing), peas, yorkshire puddings and gravy - lots and lots of gravy!! I just love a Sunday afternoon, chicken in the oven, the best smell ever drifting through the house. It's just everything ... damn, why is it only Thursday?!?

What I Heard: Favourite Song:

My favourite song right now has currently been on repeat in my head. It's Can't Feel My Face but The Weeknd. It's such a catchy tune (oh god, don't I sound like a right old woman?! ... Don't answer that). Every time it comes on the radio in my office at work I belt it out! 

What I Used: Favourite thing that I used:

My favourite thing I have used this month is Snapchat! Now I'm very late jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon but I didn't have a clue what it was or how you worked it until my friend Eilidh told me about it. Now, we are constantly sending each other little clips and photos. I also like how I can follow a couple of my YouTube favourites on there: Jaclyn Hill, Lucy and Lydia. 

So that was my August Love List, what's yours?

'Till Next Time ...


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