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An Introduction into me and my blog!

Hello there, welcome to my Blog. This is just going to be a brief overview of who I am and what this blog is going to be about.

My name is Sarah, I am 23 years old and live in a little (big to me, but not compared to like London for example) city called Aberdeen which is in the North East of Scotland. I have a beautiful yet crazy daughter, her name is April and she is 2 going on 16! Honestly, she has so much diva-attitude in such a small body! I am engaged to my best friend, partner in crime and true love of my life, His name is Sam. We met in school and never thought we'd ever be together - he actually stood me up once (yes Sam, I'll never forget that) but that's a story for another time. We are currently slowly planning our wedding but we're not super desperate to get married right now - of course I'd love to be his wife right now but we want to enjoy planning it together - no rush.

Right, down to what this blog is going to be about. I am just a typical girl who loves make up - now more than ever. I have also been watching Beauty YouTubers and general YouTubers for a long time now so that has encouraged me and spurred me on to do my own Blog and YouTube channel! So I have started off doing a couple of videos such as my every day make up and monthly favourites, but I have a good few more ideas up my sleeve so keep those peepers peeled! Now I just want to put this out there - I am not expecting to be huge on YouTube, nor Big or popular etc etc. I do it as I actually enjoy it, It gives me a little time for myself just to do the things I personally like. Went off on a little YouTube tangent there - but back to the blog. Here I am going to do product reviews and blog about special times in my life. So pretty much a normal Beauty Blog with added life events. Also this is going to encourage me to do more photography as I can't have a blog without photographs - I just couldn't!

So if you like the sound of that then that's great. I am setting myself a goal of three blogs a week, On a Tuesday, Thursday and a Saturday. Now this is not carved in stone, if it was then I suppose I'd have to stick to it. But I do work full time and have a very busy home life so sometimes life can interfere with blog plans but if I don't blog on those days then just know one is on its way.

I am going to sign off here, probably bored you all to sleep now anyway but I am away to annoy Sam with wedding colour schemes - such fun!!

'Till next time ...

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