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Melt Aberdeen | Review

Hello Everyone!!

Today's post is going to be a little peak into the world of Melt Aberdeen! What is Melt Aberdeen I hear you ask?! Well (thanks for asking) Melt is a new sandwich shop just opened up last week but it's not your generic sandwich shop! Their speciality is: Grilled Cheese!! I feel that toasties (what I call grilled cheese) were a quintessential part of my childhood so I knew when I got invited along to the press launch that I had to go! (Disclaimer: I am not the biggest fan of cheese - I know, heaven forbid - but I do go back and forth to liking it). Get ready for a long blog post! Grab a snack, possibly even a toastie.

I want to start with the decor as that's such a huge part of the Melt experience! On the window outside there's there massive logo of, you guessed it, a toastie! There's also some typography on the side windows, this was done by Laura Bremner of Juniper Press and I think she's
done excellent work! 

The interior is very retro and it works! I love this wall of photos, the little girls remind me of the plates my Grandma has on her wall.

This little chalkboard quote was done by Amy Singer of Cloudy Blue.

As well as toasties they also have soup for sale and soon will have some vegan choices! All of the toasties are made with sourdough which is something I've never tried before but it tasted grate! (get it, grate, cheese, no .. ok).

Here we have the beautiful Mechelle Clark (she can do amazing things with cheese - a cheese god if you will) owner of Melt standing very proud by her toasties - and so she should be! Mechelle is super welcoming and made us feel very much at home and I'm so happy that her idea has taken off and is doing so well! (So well that on their first day open they had to close because they ran out of bread).

If you like Macaroni, cheese and bread then the Mac + Melt is your guy! I remember phoning my other half when I left Melt, telling him about this and I could basically hear him drooling down the phone (what a beautiful image to put in your head).

I love that they have incorporated haggis in a toastie as I have never heard of anyone doing that before! So original!

Now for the bad boy who stole the show for me! The Choc + Cheese Melt!! Mascarpone and nutella toastie!! YES!! I can't wait to go back and buy about 5 of these, the mascarpone cheese mixed with the nutella tastes like marshmallows and chocolate and it's Heavenly! (literally just checked my clock to see if I had time to go and grab one but sadly I don't).

I think that Melt is a breath of fresh air for Aberdeen, we don't have anything like it and I think it's going to be exceptionally successful! Thank you to the Team at Melt and for Mechelle for inviting me. You will be seeing me again, soon!!

Melt Aberdeen, 58 Holborn Street, Aberdeen

Thank you for reading,

'Till next time ...

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  1. I pass Melt almost every day. Next time I am going to pop in and treat myself to a cheesy lunch. ;)
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