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Things that have been making me Happy!

Hello Again,

As it's a New Year I've been trying to do more of what makes me Happy so I've been surrounding myself with great things so I thought I'd do a post on my Happy Things!


First thing is this photo. I've been wanting to get this photo for almost two years now and the reason behind it is that there's four generations of my family in it. There's my Grandma Doreen, she's the best grandma ever (apart from my other grandma) she actually surfs on her ironing board - exactly! Then there's my Mum Pamela, she's the mum who would give her right arm, kidney and lung for someone else, then there's me and my Beautiful little girl April! A few years ago my other Grandad (not Doreen's husband) past away and that actually really did effect me and it still does but a few weeks ago my dad showed me a photo of him and April and I never knew he had it so I want to get as much photos of my family as a whole but especially my Grandparents because they've played a massive part in my life!


This year is the year that I've promised myself that I will be more organised and since I have been doing so I feel less stressed! My sister got me this little diary that now lives on my desk and I've been writing down all my post ideas and when they're going to go up etc. I have also just got a desk and I moved things around in my living room and I now have a little space that I now call my office! (It's the space infront of my downstairs bathroom but we don't use that anyway - well now we don't). I've just found that since I've had this I am more motivated to do blog work! I also want to get a calendar type organiser up on the wall so I can see my week/month ahead!


I am the person who can normally be found with black/grey clothes on, brown eyeshadow - completely no colour! So recently I've been trying to incorporate more colour into my life which include this beautiful Loreal colour riche Exclusive lipstick and it's in Blake's Delicate Rose. It's a super pink shade but I really like it and it's really moisturising on the lips. I also wore an orange kimono with lovely flowers on it for New Year's Eve so that's definitely a nice change from black!


More specifically these glass jars! There's just something about drinking a nice cold drink from a jar with a handle! (I can't be the only one). I really like getting little bits for the house and when I was in Poundland none-the-less and saw these I just had to get some! I don't care that I'm the sad lady who gets excited about jars for juice! (Bit sad that I just referred to myself as a lady, is this what grown-up life is like? I'm only 23).

New Shoes.

I know for damn sure that I'm not the only person who gets happy about new shoes!? I'm normally either rocking my converse or my trainers but this year I'm wanting to get back in touch with my girly side (not that there's anything wrong with converse or trainers - I will still be rocking them) but I knew I wanted to get some flats so when I saw these on the Next website I just knew I wanted them. They do look and feel a bit like slippers, but if I can walk around in shoes that feel like slippers I am perfectly fine with that!


When Sam and April came home the other day with these beautiful tulips for me it honestly just brightened up my day! I really like having fresh flowers around so I'm going to try (might not happen) and have fresh flowers on my desk at all times and if I can't manage that I might get some fake flowers that look real!

So that's whats been making me Happy recently, I also wanted to say that the blogging community and the twitter community have also made me so happy recently! I've decided to do a Interview a Blogger Blog series and there's been such a good positive response so that's made me really happy!

What's been making you happy recently?

'Till next time ...

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  1. I have the Jlo version of the L'Oreal lipstick! I love it! Lovely post!

    Darriyan x