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My Product of the week | With HannahHeartss

Hello Again!

Today's post is going to go along side HannahHeartss Product of the week! Hannah features a lot on my blog because she's honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met without actually meeting her!

 We've been speaking about the possibility of this being a weekly thing so we're going to see how this post goes so if you do like it and would like to see it every week from myself and Hannah let us know!

So I've been trying to pin down what product is my favourite from this past week and it was between a few things but I think I've settled on the Loreal Brow Artist Plumper!

I have been a die hard Soap and Glory archery fan and I swore nothing would change that, but I think this have maybe taken over (just a little bit). I actually bought this because I've heard such great things about it mainly from Shaaanxo in her blogs and she always uses this, so I thought 'Why the hell not' and I'm honestly not disappointed! I have medium brown hair so I chose it in medium/dark brown and it's the perfect shade! It's a little spooly that's tapered at the end which is really good for the ends of your brows and you simply brush it through your brows and it (in my case darkens them) and fills them in but it also sets them so they stay in place! - you could go into 40 mile an hour winds and your brows will not budge! (Don't hold me to that). It's even got fibres in the gel to help with that fuller brow look.

I've been using this since I bought it the other week and I love it! Sorry Archery!

Thank you for reading all about my Product of the week. Go over and read all about Hannah's Product of the Week! I know what it is already and she's convinced me to go and buy it (not that it took much convincing).

What's been your top product of the week?

'Till next time ...

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