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My October Favourites

Hello Again,

See I'm back, told you! Since I've been gone I have actually bought and received quite a couple of things that I have been absolutely loving so, even though its now a bit into November I am still going to do my October Favourites! So I'm going to go and dive right in, by the way this is going to be such a long post so I do recommend grabbing a drink and a pack of biscuits (there's no point in getting a couple because we all know you're going to get up and get more so save yourself the trip - absolutely no judgement from me as I would do the same)...

I am going to begin with a present I got from Sam (he's my fiancé if you weren't aware) I'm the kind of woman who lives in my converse, I wear them to work, for the nursery run, for date nights yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah, you get it I wear them non stop. So Sam bought me this cheeky pair of Adidas Originals ZX 700 W trainers (such a long name for a pair of trainers) and it's like walking on clouds! They're the comfiest pair of trainers I have ever worn and I love the design of them, I've never owned anything like these before! If you're looking for a great pair of trainers which are both comfy and look good I recommend these! (The photo doesn't really give them justice).

Next up is one of my make up favourites which I bought a few weeks ago and I have been using every day that I have been wearing make up and it's the Loreal Paris Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer. I have now tried out a few primers but haven't had any of the results that I get when I use this. I have dry to normal skin but when applying this under my foundation it leaves my skin looking fresh, dewy and young! Who doesn't want to look like that?! Can I please also add that the pump on this is rose gold - dammit I'm a sucker for anything rose gold!! Like I said I have been using this most days of the week for a few weeks now and there still seems to be a lot of product left which is a plus so when it does eventually run out I will definitely be buying this again.

Next up is my favourite favourite of the month. It's my brand spanking new iPhone 6S Plus in - yeah you guessed it - Rose Gold!! (let the angels sing) I have had my old iPhone 5S for 2 years and the last few months has been a struggle - it was running so slow and the screen kept making a clicking noise so I was over the moon when EE emailed me saying my contract was up! This phone is the best phone I have ever had - it's beautiful! I also really like all the features it has like I can now take a live photo so it makes a photo into a GIF type of photo. Basically if I press on the screen the photo moves! How cool is that?! I just love the overall feel of the phone and it's very aesthetically pleasing!

My next fave actually goes with my new iPhone and it's a Skinny Dip London phone case. I chose the popping popcorn one - with the googly eyes!! (I am a 23 year old woman and I got excited about googly eyes). I really like it as it's different and not like your every day case I also like that the case is see through so along with the cute boxes of popcorn I can still see the rose goodness of my phone. It is a little pricey for a phone case - £15.00 but I'm not going to be buying one every other month so I can justify the price. (Please note the rain drops on my pictures - I had my front door open to try and get some good lighting and it was raining. The things you do to get good photos on a dull and dreary day).

Next up is the GloLite Hocus Pocus Abracadabra candle from Party Lite UK. As I have said in a previous post I actually won this on HannahHeartss giveaway and I have loved this from the moment I first lit it. It fills my home with fresh, citrus scents with hints of coconut, it's amazing! I love the colour of the candle, the sugar skulls on the jar which I will be re-using once it's finished and it has a 50-60 hour burn time which I have lit it almost every single day since I received it and I'm only just half way! I highly recommend checking out Party Lite's candles if you're a candle fan as you won't be disappointed.

Next is my Airbrush Blending Sponge by Nicka K which I actually received in my October Glossy Box. I have been a big fan of the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge but what I like about this little one is the shape. I really like that it's got a nice dome shape for applying my foundation in a rolling motion to make it look more flawless and that it has a pointed end for helping with the under eye area and around the nose. I also like how firm it is compared to the Real Techniques one, I fell that makes it apply the base better.

Next up is my favourite highlighter just now, its the Speedy highlighter by Collection in the shade 1. Pearl Sheen. If you're like me and either have a rush to get ready for work or have a little one around your feet when you're trying to do your make up products that a fast and easy to apply are a gods send and that's what this is! All you do with this is apply it to the areas that you want highlighted and simply blend it with your finger! It's as simple as that, this shade is also perfect for my skin tone, it's not too much it's just right. It's also only like £3 which for a highlighter as good as this - that's amazing!

Another of my favourites this past month has been Scandal!! OMFG! I have been obsessed with watching Scandal, I have been driving Sam absoluetly mad because as soon as one episode finishes I put on another. I normally don't watch box sets as I like my crappy reality programmes but this has taken over from all of that. If you haven't heard or seen Scandal then I shall give you a little glimpse into it. It is based in Washington DC and it revolves round the name Olivia Pope (such a great character name) and her occupation is 'a Fixer', she is the person who everyone goes to when shit goes down and, she fixes it. She's also very close to the President of the United State, Fitz, but that's all I'm saying about that. My favourite characters are Quinn, Olivia and Huck! Definatley give it a watch if you like crime shows or drama - it's a good mix of everything!

Last but not least is a recipe from Tanya Burr's book - Love Tanya! Sam and I have now made the famous Tanya Burr Triple Chocolate cookies a couple times now and they are AMAZING! Some of the best cookies I've ever ate - so gooey! If you like cookies, chocolate and/or baking then I recommend getting this book and making these cookies! I'd like to add that I'm not the best baker in the land but this recipe is a nice and easy one so don't be put off if you can't bake you'll still be able to make these! Also the rest of the book is great, it's a nice insight into her life, there's more great recipes and I really like the confidence she has and helps spread to women!

So that is my October Favourites, I told you it would be a long one! I'd love to know what your favourites have been?

'Till next time ...

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