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Lunch at the Long Dog, Aberdeen

One of the things I love about being a blogger is the other bloggers that you meet on the way and one of my favourites by far is Laura who writes, the Floral Elephant. She is a lovely genuine person and is extremely talented, I met Laura almost a year ago at a foodie event and I'm pretty sure we've been friends since then even though we didn't speak much at the actual event (typical people of the internet, we started speaking more online than in real life haha).

I love meeting up with Laura and finding out all about what she's been up to so we planned to have an afternoon mulling about Aberdeen together. We decided to head to the Long Dog cafe in Aberdeen's West End as we had both heard AMAZING things about their Freak Shakes and boy, we weren't disappointed! The Long Dog Cafe is a cute little place that is open to everyone with two legs and four, yes that's right you can take your pooch friends along with you and that's one of the fantastic things about it as you can just sit, catch up with your friends while starring at all the dogs in every size!

The thing with the Long Dog cafe is that it's so blooming popular, if you want a seat you've got to be quick but thankfully we managed to grab a table right next to a little white dog - so bloody cute!

After a little chinwag our food arrived, Laura opted for a panini and a bacon roll for myself. They were really good but it's not what we went there for - we were patiently waiting with baited breath for our Freak Shakes! I feel really sorry for the staff that have to wash the jars that have been used for the shakes as they get messy as hell!

Just have a minute and take it all in - even looking at them I feel like my bum is becoming bigger! Here we have a Salted Caramel and a Chocolate Brownie Freak shake and they tasted just as good as they look, incredible even! From the sauce inside the glass to the Nutella round the top of the glass, the sprinkles and the whipped cream - they were by far the best milkshakes that I have ever seen and tasted. This isn't in any way sponsored (if only) but if you find yourself in Aberdeen, thirsty and hungry then go and give them a try - you won't regret it!

We have already planned where we're off to for our next catch up and we've decided on Revolucion De Cuba for a feisty fiesta and cracking cocktails so I'm sure there will be a blog post about that sometime soon!

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