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Your 5 - Fashion and Beauty | Union Square Aberdeen

Hello Again!

I hope you're all doing great! Today's post is all about the Your 5 - Fashion and Beauty event at Union Square Aberdeen. I was invited along to have a 10 minute consultation with either a Beauty stylist or a Fashion stylist so I chose Beauty. A lovely girl from Benefit asked me what kind of make up I would like, my choices were dewy, smokey eye or a bold lip and I went for dewy - always trying to catch that glow! (sounds like some sort of pokemon, I'll be the pokemon master of the dew).

I have never used any of the products before but being a beauty blogger I have obviously heard a lot about them. The makeup was good (sorry no photo, I completely forgot) but it did sit a bit heavy as it was put on top of the makeup I was already wearing but it was still good. I even went and bought Girl Meets Pearl and I love it, Hoola and the Rockateur and next on my list!

Union Square have an app which is available on Android and the App Store and on there you can see what's new, upcoming events and there's even discounts and competitions! If you'd like to find out more just download the App, "Union Square".

Thanks to the Team at McFrank PR for inviting me along and to the girls at the makeup counters. I enjoyed speaking about our little ones together. 

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