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September's Glossy Box

Hello again,

It's that time of the month again when my glossy box get's delivered to my house (I am a bit late with this but it's been sitting at Royal Mail). This months box is their Style Edition and the box is absolutely stunning this month and all 5 products are full-size! This again is really really great as it's only £10 plus postage and packaging and this months total value of the box is (drum roll please) £63.64! That's such a great deal!! So just like last month I will show you each product and give you some information on it along with the value of each product. So here we go ...

First of all like I said earlier this months box is stunning!! I love the colours they've used and they've even incorporated it inside the box with the teal/green shredded tissue paper. On the little info card inside they have said, "Our collectors Style Edition celebrates all the new season has to offer. We've taken our cue from the backstage beauty experts who have shaped the A/W 15 trends so consider this your stater kit for the new season". (Sounds great to me).

The first product that caught my eye is the brush - now I am brush obsessed (honestly, every time I'm in boots I have to literally drag myself away from the brush section) so I was very excited to see a brush in this months box. It's by a brand called Marsk, I've never heard of them before actually but once I've tried it out a few times and find to love it - I'll be looking for more. It's their eyeshadow brush pro and it's perfectly shaped to help apply eyeshadow easily. I really like the size of this brush and the weight as it's quite light but for the price of £16.70 I think the actual look of the brush could be a bit fancier as it is quite plain but non-the-less I'm still looking forward to giving it a go.

Next up is Maria Nila Luminous colour hair masque. Now this is such a decent size and can I say, it smells amazing - so fruity and sweet! This I think is going to be really good for me as I do dye my hair and if you dye your hair too you'll know that it can really weaken it so I can't wait to lather my hair with this as the head of brands has said, "Packed with nourishing, strengthening and protecting ingredients that enhance both coloured and natural hair, Swedish brand Maria Nila's amazing masque will give you the glossiest locks ever!" (now who doesn't want the glossiest locks ever?!?) This is also sulphate and paragon free as well as being 100% vegan! So that's a tick tick tick! Another great thing about this is that you apply it onto damp hair for only 3 minutes then you rinse it off. I'm really happy with that as I've found with other masques that you have to wait around for 20 minutes or so and sometimes you just don't have the time. So that's another tick from me and the price of the masque is £18.95.

Up next is the Nails Inc nail varnish in the shade Uptown which is a blush pink. Now on the info card here are two different colours, the other one being a Khaki green which I would have preferred but I'll still give the pink a go. Nails Inc is a very well known brand so I'm happy to see it in my glossy box - especially because they're £11 a pop! They have said this is a long-lasting nail varnish so I'll be putting that to the test!

Now up next is the Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in the shade Whesek (I literally have no idea how to pronounce that) which is a greyish - silver. Disappointingly the lid of this was actually open and the loose eyeshadow had covered all my other products but only a little so I gave them all a little clean. I am an eyeshadow lover but I don't actually have anything like this so that's a plus. Head of operations over at Glossy box has said, "A firm favourite amongst make up artists, Bellapierre's shimmery eyeshadow provides long-lasting colour, without smudging, fading or creasing!" Again I've not used anything by this brand yet but coming in at £12.99 each I'll defiantly be giving it a try!

And last but not least is three little grey Invisibobbles - the traceless Hair Ring! I have seen these everywhere but just never seen the fascination as I thought it would be weird to have in your hair - but boy, was I wrong! I actually opened this box at work after picking it up as I knew these were in the box and I had straightened my hair that morning and it was annoying me (does that happen to anyone else, you do your hair all nice at the beginning of the day then half way through it is never out of your face) so I tied it up and it held my hair perfectly. I got home about 4 hours later, took it out, and there was no KINK!! (That never happens with normal hair bands). So I can already say that these little spiralled beauties do exactly what they say and at £4 for 3 I will be picking up some more!

So that is September's Glossy Box, do you subscribe? If so what was your favourite product this month?

'Till next time ...

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