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August Favourites!!

Hello Again,

It's that time of month again (no, not that time of month), Monthly Favourites! I can't believe August is over and done with, for me it has been an exceptionally testing month so I'm glad to see it go! But I did definitely buy a few (only a few, I promise, ok maybe more than a few) new beauty items to add to my collection and quite a few have made the cut for my Favourites!

So I'm just going to dive on in, come with me if you want to see my little idea of Heaven!!

First up is something that is actually helping me with typing this blog post! It's my new glasses from Specsavers! I haven't worn glasses in a good few years, I actually lost both of my old pairs and never replaced them but recently I have been experiencing visual migraines so my doctor recommended that I go and get my old eyeballs tested and low and behold - I still need glasses! I got two pairs but these are my favourite - A huge bold black frame which suits my face and a lovely tortoise shell pattern on the dainty legs - I love them!!

Next up is two little products from the Body Shop. Over the years I have forgotten all about it really, so when Eilidh and I were walking past a while ago I had to go in! My intentions were just to have a look and walk out but no, my purse jumped out of my bag and before I knew it I had bought a couple of things! (so happy) I picked up the Vitamin E Eyes Cube which i had actually seen advertised by the Body Shop on YouTube - I was very intrigued so I had to try it out (for the blog, obviously). It's essentially a refreshing balm for your eyes!! I apply this 2 times a day, in the morning after toning and moisturising and then again last thing after taking off my make up and cleansing. It makes your under eyes feel amazing!! It actually wakes me up in the morning and my under eyes have never felt softer! I highly recommend this!!

My other favourite goodie that I bought is the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream in the shade 01 - I have been wearing this to work for the past two weeks now and my skin loves it, my nose on the other hand doesn't appreciate the strong smell, but don't be put off, it goes away after applying, it doesn't stick around all day (it's just quite an overwhelming tea tree scent). I just really like the coverage of this - I would say its light to medium and it honestly feels like I'm not wearing a base which I really prefer when I'm at work all day. This has honestly budged my MAC mineralise foundation and my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation to the back of my collection! I also want to add that it's super affordable at under £10. I am definitely popping into the Body Shop more often!

I am so (literally sooooo) excited to finally own these two products! MAC mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle and MAC Fix +. Now Jaclyn Hill is to blame for my obsession with Fix + as every time I see her use it in a video I crave the effect she gets. I have such dry skin and I find when I use powder is sometimes goes cake - so a couple of sprays of this makes that go away - plus it makes me look DEWY!! OMFG I have always wanted to achieve that dewy look and I finally can! (heel-click) I did only buy a little travel size just to try it just in case I found it made me look too wet but it doesn't so I will be buying a full size one, also I want to try their new Rose Fragrance one!!

Now can we just take a minute to admire this - MAC's mineralise skinfinish in the shade Soft and Gentle - ahhhhh! I love this!! It is my perfect holy grail (only had it a couple of weeks and can safely say that) highlight!! Its beautiful for along the tops of my cheekbones, cupids bow and all this other little bit you want a nice natural glow - also it's the perfect shade for me and my pale skin! This is super super pigmented and I only need to use a little (a little really does go a long way) to achieve this. I was literally so excited buying this and it will be with me forever!!

My next favourite is this little pot of niceness! It's a solid perfume from lush - now I do have to thank my Mum and my Sister for introducing me to this. It's a very strange concept as it's like a lip balm form but I literally (realised that I say literally a lot, like literally) love this! Now I chose the fragrance Dirty, which is contradicts itself as it so minty and fresh, with light smells of the ocean and sun tan lotion!! I put this one first thing in the morning, which for me is the back of six and it is still there at 9 o'clock at night! I don't really have anything else to say about it, I love it and I'm not much of a perfume person, but this is by far my favourite!

Now this is a very brave favourite of mine and it's not one I had expected to feature on my blog at all but I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and look at this little beauty! It's by Maybelline and it's in the shade 547 - Pleasure Me Red (ooh lala) It is a very deep red and at first I didn't feel comfortable wearing this (my friend Eilidh would tell you all that I put this on while we were at Costa and I had wiped it off after only having it on for about 5 minutes) but I have been wearing it around my house and I think, I actually think I can wear it out and about! This is my favourite time of year so I'm so looking forward to wearing this along with many more bright and bold colours! YAY!

So they are all my August Favourites, it was very hard as I have had a lot to choose from. But I hope you enjoyed this post. I do have to say my overall Favourite is this Blog! I have loved doing it which I am surprised at because I have tried over the years to do a one and it's just never stuck, but I actually look forward to doing all my posts. I don't know where this blog is going to go or where it's going to take me but I'm sure as hell enjoying the journey!

What have been your monthly favourites? Also please if you do read this and have a blog yourself leave your blog in the comments as I'd love to read it!

'Till next time ...


  1. I need to get my hands on Soft & Gentle, it's never wowed me before, but it always looks gorgeous on blogs x