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If I could design my Wardrobe ... | Fashion and Lifestyle

Hello Again!

I have recently cleared out my wardrobe and was really cut throat with throwing things away. I really want to have a wardrobe where I can open it and want to wear everything that's in it! 

I'm very restricted with space in my house so that got me thinking about how I would design it if I could! For now these images are just living on my Pinterest boards, but one day, one day, I could make it a reality. My style is quite minimalistic, clean lines but still very me. I also currently have a closed wardrobe but I would ideally love to have an open one so you can walk into your room and see everything you have (pre-decluttering I would of hated that idea, but post-decluttering I'm loving it).

Thank you for reading this post! Do you ever find yourself dreaming of your 'dream wardrobe?' or do you have it? Let me know!

Sources: All images sourced from Pinterest


  1. When I used to rent we had a huge walk in wardrobe that the owners had built themselves when they lived there and I loved it! Now I can't even afford to buy a wardrobe now that we own (I don't do adulting!) great post Sarah :)
    Jenny /

  2. Loving your ideas! I would love to have a clothing rail for my dresses, hopefully when we move in to a bigger place I can have one, or an even bigger place *dreams* where I can afford a walk in wardrobe *sigh* :D love the moodboard you created, the edits are so cute! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)