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Review of the Missha Masks by PLT & Lucy | Guest Post

Hello Lovelies! I'm Lucy and I blog over at PLT & Lucy, Sarah has very kindly let me steal you for this post, so huge thanks to Sarah for the opportunity to talk to you. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you me with a review and not just any review a sheet mask one. I am massively into the Korean Beauty Trend recently and it doesn't get better than sheet masks which I am rapidly becoming addicted to. I recently reviewed the Tony Moly Snail Mask on my blog but today I am telling you about the MISSHA Masks. 

MISSHA available at Beauty Bay is a cult Korean Beauty brand, famed for their highest quality ingredients and formulas. They are huge in Korea with over 300 shops and are all about perfected, beautiful, natural skin. If you are looking for products that will leave your skin radiant and youthful then look no further. MISSHA have a huge range of sheet and eye masks with something for every complexion issue from dull skin to redness to blemishes and anti-aging. I opted for the Ceramide Real Essential Sheet Mask which is supposed to; reduce the signs of ageing, eradicate blemishes and soothe any irritation and redness. This super high quality cotton mask is soaked in the Ceramide rich formula which you lay over the skin for 20-30 minutes before removing and gently massaging in the residue. This one feel instantly cooling on the skin, refreshing and soothing I definitely noticed a difference straight after using this one. My skin looked calmer and refreshed but the next day it looked even better. I used this sheet mask at night and I was amazed when I woke up the next morning and my skin wasn't my usual angry mess.... winner! I also bought the Coenzyme Q10 Sheet Mask from MISSHA which is supposed to be an Anti-Aging wonder mask. Again my skin felt instantly boosted and refreshed and I definitely saw a reduction in pores and my skin felt plumper. I wouldn't say my find lines were instantly reduced but I think with continued use of this one you may see a difference as Coenzyme Q10 is famed for its anti-aging properties. 

Overall for the tiny price of £2.50 I love the MISSHA Sheet Masks, much more affordable than many on the market, comfortable to wear, does what it says on the tin and feels like a real treat. 

Will you be jumping on the Korean Beauty Trend bandwagon? 

Love Lucy

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