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HJC Styling | The Launch of the new Styling Service taking over Aberdeen

Last week I attended the Launch of the new Styling Service in Aberdeen, HJC Styling. The night was the perfect amount of fashion, advice, laughs and fizz! 

Meet Hayley, the face of HJC Styling. Hayley is a Personal Styling Consultant who has plenty of experience in the styling world. She wanted to start her own company as she felt that in her previous jobs she was restricted with the brands and the sizes and she wanted to change that.

HJC Styling provides a wide range of services for every kind of client. If you are looking for some help but don't have much money you can arrange a consultation online, where you send a few photos of yourself, fill in a quick questionnaire and they can help you style your shape and size. If you are looking for more of a hands on service you can book a wardrobe consultation where she will come to your house and help you tidy up your wardrobe - get rid of this impulse purchases that you have had hanging there for months (possibly even years) and you've never worn and help shape it to your needs and style. My favourite of all their services is the Shop and Style where Hayley will meet you in town, you'll go for a cuppa, talk about what you want help with and she will go shopping with you pointing out pieces that will look great on you! If you like the sound of these services I have included the price list below.

Price List:

Online Styling Service: £25.00
Colour Consultation: £80.00
Shop and Style: £120.00
Wardrobe Consultation: £150.00
Fashion Workshop / Bridal Workshop: £170.00

To show us a little of what she's all about she put on a little fashion show. She spoke through past and present trends and how to were florals. It was actually really great, I learned a few things like if you are struggling how to accessorise an outfit that has a bold pattern squint your eyes and the colours that stand out the most you should use for example a bright bag or a stand out piece of jewellery.

I managed to catch five minutes of this lady's busy life to ask her a few questions so that we can get to know a bit more about her.

Hayley is a breath of fresh air to the Styling industry and I am really looking forward to getting to know her some more, seeing her new venture blossom and most importantly get some styling advice!! (It's greatly needed).

I would like to say a massive Thank You to Hayley for inviting me along to her Launch, it really was a great evening. Congratulations and Good Luck!

If you are in need of some Styling advice you can contact Hayley as per below:

Hayley Charles
Personal Styling Consultant

Styling Appointments and Colour Profiling
Wardrobe Consultation
Bridal Consultation
Corporate Presentations
Fashion Work Shops


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