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Product of the Week with Hannahheartss

Hello Again,

Today's post is my product of the week and in actual fact this has been my favourite product for a few weeks now. It is Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl!

Girl meets pearl is a golden-pink luminizer which helps to give you a healthy dewy glow. You can pat this onto your face then blend out, I tend to do this on the high points of my face and it gives me a really nice soft shimmer or if you only have 5 minutes to get out the door then you can use this alone and it leaves you looking fresh faced.

I would have normally done a swatch on the back of my hands but I have been trying out tints and the backs of my hands are stained (I'm sure I'll get a few funny looks on my way to work tomorrow) so If you'd like to see how this looks check it out here. I would recommend to use a dewy foundation with this and no powder only because depending on how many twists you use it can take off makeup so just be careful!

My fellow blogger and friend Hannah from Hannahheartss has also wrote about her product of the week so go over and see what she's been loving!

Have you tried Girl Meets Pearl before? What do you think?


  1. I used to LOVE this product! So lovely and such cute packaging! x

    1. You're so right the packaging is beautiful!! Thanks for your comment! X