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Not All Heroes Wear Capes | Father's Day

Happy Sunday Everyone and to all the Dad's out there, Happy Father's Day!

As it's Father's Day I thought I would share some memories of times with my Dad. 

One memory that really sticks with me is when I was younger and when it was nights just me and my Dad, I would always ask him if we could go for a drive. I really enjoyed going for drives around Aberdeen we would go anywhere really but 9/10 times we would always end up going to the beach and getting an Ice Cream. I don't know why I remember this I just liked spending time just the two of us - plus we'd have ice cream - I love Ice Cream!

This memory goes way back - I would have been about 7 or 8 (I think). Me and my sister were sitting in the back of my Dad's old Rover and we were heading home and I did something so stupid! My Dad had been the best Dad ever and had bought us some Orbit chewing gum, if you can't remember what orbit was, it was pink and tasted so strongly of bubblegum - it also looked like a brain when it was all chewed up - or at least that's what I thought! I thought it would be such a great idea if I put the entire packet in my mouth, chew it all up and spit it into my hand (I know). I remember turning to my sister and saying "Wow this looks like a brain" I then proceeded to plop it right in the middle of my head! Long story short my Dad turned the car around, took us to our Grandma and Grandads house, made me sit in the garden while he cut a massive chunk of my hair off as the chewing gum wasn't budging. This is really funny to me because looking back on it now I can just imagine what he thought, poor man.

I also remember when he surprised me on my 10th birthday and took me and my sister to the carnivals down south (not quite sure where it was) but I remember being so excited, I also remember that I was wearing my new stonewashed jeans with white stars all over them (such a 90's child). On the car journey he wouldn't tell me where we were going and I loved guessing and reading all the signs on the way trying to find some clues.

Needless to say I love my Dad. Thank you for being there for me, for being my personal taxi driver and official spider catcher. Thank you for also cutting the chewing gum out of my hair! Like the title says, not all heroes wear capes.

Lots of love, your little Girl.

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