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A Little Catch Up | Lifestyle

Hello Again!

Long time no blog (I feel like I'm saying this too often now) I took a wee break from blogging for a few reasons but the main one is because i have just started a new job (about a month ago now) and it was just wiping me out. I've been coming home like a zombie and just going to bed but I feel like I'm getting used to it now so I thought I'd just do a little catch up post about what I've been up to since I've been away!

First of all I've been loving this quote! I feel like I am too serious about things too often so I'm trying to relax more and just to let things pan out on their own. it's so true though, you need a wish bone so you can dream (you're never too old to dream), a back bone so you can stand up for yourself and a funny bone because laughter is the best medicine!!

At the beginning of May I won tickets to go and see Breakfast at Tiffany's at His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen. I've seen the movie so many times and that's mainly because my sister loved it growing up so I took her along with me. Emily Atack played Holly and she was really good, I loved it!

Since the sun has finally made an appearance and stuck around for more than a day we've been spending a lot more time outdoors and going for walks. April's also been obsessed with bugs lately (don't ask, I didn't encourage this but it's good that she's not scared) and on this day we found a big beetle and she wanted tot make him home. Just as we were leaving him he rolled onto his back and as struggling to get back onto his feet so I saved him. April called me a Hero, it was a good day.

So that's what I've been up to obviously other than work and housework and all that fun adult things (woo) but one really exciting thing that's happening is Sam and I are going to London!! He's taking me away for my 24th Birthday. I'm so excited, there's so many things that we want to do so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

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