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My Perfect Workout Outfit | Farfetch

Hello Again,

Today's post is all about my 'dream' workout look! I say dream because these items are lush and come with a hefty price tag but there's every reason for that because it's all designer brands!! Also please note - I'm not the typical person who spends hours in the gym (if you are one of these people then I commend you) but an arm day for me really involves lifting the chocolate to my mouth then repeat! But when the company Farfetch reached out to me asking if I'd like to take part in an exclusive competition and after looking at their website, of course I said yes! Farfetch is a luxury fashion website and they have so much beautiful things (I'll take it all thanks). So all I had to do was choose an outfit from their Work Out collection which is fashionable yet workable, So here is what I would choose ...

I think I would rock a colour combination, so I've went for all red, grey and black. I personally, need a lot of motivation to work out so when I saw this t-shirt I just knew it had to be part of my outfit! You definitely need good vibes for going to the gym and working out. Now Ladies, I'm going to be honest with you, I need joggers with a good waist band and tier so they don't fall out when I'm working out (now that would be absolutely terrifying for everyone involved).

I am such a fan of trainers now (I think Sam's love affair with bright colourful trainers has rubbed off on me) and these are no exception! I love how it's red on the outside and pink, white and aqua blue on the inside! They're just like nothing I've seen before. 

This jacket looks so comfortable and the colours just separate it from all other jackets (I would also wear this as a jumper over the T-Shirt in the gym, not necessarily just to the gym) I personally also really like the zip because if I was on the treadmill (giggled to myself while typing that because let's be honest, it's been a while since I've been on a treadmill) and got too hot it would be so easier to unzip as its bigger than a normal zip, that's a strange reason for wanting a jacket but it's those things that I look for, does that make me sad? Now this, let's take a moment of appreciation for this Vivienne Westwood Matchstick Swimsuit is such a dreamy one piece! I prefer swim suits like this because I feel it holds everything in better and I (tooting my own horn, toot toot toot) would rock this look, as would a lot of other people!! Yes for Vivienne Westwood!

Being a female, we have certain things that we need to keep under control when working out so a good sports bra is essential! I really like the back of this, keeping it fashionable yet keeping those bad boys in check! 

Next up is Accessories - there was no way I could do this post without choosing some and needless to say when I saw this vampire red leather Anya Hindmarch Backpack, I knew I had to include it! Now yes, the price tag is little higher than your typical gym bag but this isn't your normal standard gym bag - it has eyes!! What more could you possibly want? I love the look of this and the leather looks so soft! Now to go along with that dream bag is this little Alexander McQueen keyring! If you're going all out you might as well go out with a bang! 

If you're looking for a more relaxed workout you could strike some yoga poses on this no-ka-oi yoga mat and just know when you're doing your downward dog everyone is going to be looking at your outfit and wondering where you got it all!

So if I had free rein online at Farfetch I would definitely pick up these beauties! Take a look and see if anything catches your eye and I'm sure more than one thing will! Thank you to Farfetch for reaching out and asking me to get involved and thank you for reading! (Strangely I now want to go workout ... that never happens!)


  1. Cute picks, I love the Good Vibes tee! I just picked up some GAP joggers and they are super comfy - I also feel more comfortable wearing them in exercise class, some days the world is not ready for my rear in athletic leggings lol! ;-)

  2. I totally know what you mean!! Thanks for commenting! X