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My Favourites of 2015!

Hello Again Everyone,

So 2016 is here - does anyone else think 2015 flew by? I have decided to do a whole yearly favourites! So this is going to be a mash up of my favourite Beauty Bits, things we've done that I've loved and so on and so forth, so let's do this!!

Beauty Bits

I'm going to start with my beauty bits as I do love my beauty!! My favourite foundation of 2015 is hands down MAC Face and Body Foundation!! I bloody love this foundation - I had quite dry skin but honestly I think this has changed it to normal with a hint of oil! (I know all the people reading this who have oily skin are probably saying 'why do you want oily skin?!' but if you had really dry skin like I used to - you'd understand).

The other beauty product I'm going to choose is my favourite mascara of the year! This is a no brainer - it's the Maybelline Lash Sensational! I know so many people have been loving this and I'm jumping straight on that bandwagon! I have used this every days for the past few months - The name is exactly what I get, I look like I'm wearing falsies every day! (fist punch to the sky).

Favourite Shop

I'm now going to tell you my favourite shop, now this was a toss up between Boots and Lush but I have fallen back in love with baths and pampering myself (because everyone deserves that) so it's Lush!! I have also fallen back in love with having baths so obviously these two go together like a sausage wrapped in bacon! (mmm pigs in blankets) My Favourite product from Lush has been their Intergalactic Bath Bomb - it does really take you to another galaxy!!


The twitter community is an amazing place! I have found everyone that I have come across and chatted with are so so nice and in this day and age I actually find it so refreshing. Everyone seems to encourage you and support you which I absolutely love. I really do admire Jemma from Dorkface blog for creating the #GirlGang - it's in full support of people empowering each other and just being nice which is great!! Also the #GirlGang chats have been great - if you can, you should join in on one.

Favourite thing's I've Done

This has been so hard trying to choose only a few things, but these are the best things that have happened! So I'm going to say April's 3rd Birthday has been one of the best highlights of 2015. We decided to throw her a Mermaid Pirate Party and I'm so happy because it turned out so well! April and her little friends had an absolute blast as did all the adults I think! I have joked and said she's never having another party again because as always, I really stressed myself out but she will be having more parties!!

What I'm most proud of

My blog! I am actually so proud of myself for deciding to do it and I'm so happy for keeping it going! I'm surprised that I manage to get my posts (the majority of the time) all uploaded in time and I feel like it's really helped my typing and imagination and it's also given me a hobby! I'm so grateful for everyone who has guest posted, so that's Monique from SheWhoLives and Sam my lovely fiance. Also to all the brands who have been so kind and reached out, Boutique of Molly, Prairie Charms and everyone else!!

My Favourite Person

This has to be two as I literally can't choose between them, Sam and April have definitely been my favourite people of the year! I literally wouldn't be able to go about my day without either of them! When I am feeling a bit glum all they have to do is speak away to me (and when it's April doing it, it does tend to be gibberish but I can understand her) we're the three musketeers!! But ... hopefully 2016 can possibly make us the 4 musketeers? (We both would love another baby - fingers and toes crossed!).

As it's dark pretty much all day I thought I'd add a couple of my favourite photos of the year.

The Amazing Trifle that my Grandma made for Christmas - it was beautiful!

One of the only photos of 'The Three Musketeers' taken this year

One of the Favourite baths I had this year

My Best Friend, my other half

What have your favourites of the past year been?!

'Till next time ...

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