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Blow Out VS. Budget Christmas Party Outfit!

Ho! Ho! Hello Again,

So it's that time of year where you're bound to have heaps of Christmas parties! But the question is, 'What to wear?' Now what kind of person are you, Blow Out? or Budget? I am definitely the person with Champagne taste on a beer budget! Now I normally stick to the same colours which are Black, Grey or Burgundy so these outfits are very dark which isn't for everybody but I hope that you do see something that catches your eye!

So let's do Blow Out First!

  • The dress is from ASOS Curve and I love this because it has sleeves so it would cover the bits I don't really like to show - also the silvery material is what dreams are made of!! You can get it here!
  • Next up are these BEAUTIFUL ankle boots from Kurt Geiger! (drools) These are so my style and I love the plait across the front, it's a really nice detail! You can get these bad boys here!
  • Let's all take a minute for this piece of art - The Vivienne Westwood Faux Croc Clutch!! There are no words - this would make any outfit! I'm sure I've seen this in my dreams but you can find it here.

Now for Budget!

  • Now this dress isn't identical but it is quite similar! Again I like it because of the sleeves but I also really like the kind of material - you know the kind of material that doesn't blow up in the wind! This is from Boohoo's Plus Size range and you can find it here.
  • Next up are these black ankle boots which I think actually (apart form the plait at the front) look so alike the Kurt Geiger ones - but for a third of the price!!! You can get them here.
  • Last up is this lovely little black clutch! I think a black clutch is great for a night out especially at this size because you'd be surprised how much you can fit in it (and how much of your friend's crap you can fit in it). You can get it here.

Now how much do you think this little beauty costs? Comment down below!!

I really hope you like this post as much as I do (blowing my own trumpet) and I wish I could get everything but it would more than likely be the budget outfit - which is completely fine with me! (but if anyone wants to get me that Vivienne Westwood bag then I wouldn't say no!!).

'Till next time ...

P.S. The necklace was only £15.00 which I think for a statement necklace that's good value for money!! You can get it here.

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