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Me Time and a Lush Bath Bomb Review - Skydancer

Hello Again,

Today's post is a slightly different kind of post. I've been quite stressed out for a couple of weeks now just with a mixture of work and home life so I've been trying to find good ways just to relax and find time for myself. You will all probably be able to relate as everyone is busy especially at the time of year, I get up 6.00am most mornings (some days my snooze button is my best friend) and I'm on my feet all day, then when I get home I'm still running around until April is in bed. Then I think oh I can kick my feet up, but the realisation is it's then time to do my housework and put away those toys which I'm sure I'd already put away about 43 times! So I have decided that at least one day throughout the week I am going to take at least an hour to either simply paint my nails or watch some YouTube or what I did tonight, have a long soak in the bath!

So I decided to use my limited edition Skydancer bath bomb from lush (which I have only just found out from the lovely people at Lush via twitter that this is still available online - hello more Skydancer's). I have been meaning to use this for ages now and I'm so glad I finally did. Here's a little bit about the bath bomb from a previous post of mine:

(Excuse the chipped nail varnish)

 Next up is the Skydancer - Far from the Madding Guns Bath Bomb which is a charity bath bomb. All profits go towards satellite tagging hen harrier chicks - which I'm happy doing my little bit! This smells so fresh and amazing with little hints of aniseed. I love the design of this too - the yellow with the blue bird in front is so captivating.
'Profits from each and every one of these soft floral and liquorice-scented bath bombs will help fund equipment to satellite tag any endangered hen harrier chicks born in the coming years. With bergamot, Sicilian lemon and cinnamon leaf oils, this bath bomb with take you under its wing and fight wildlife crime in one clean sweep.'

As soon as it hut the water it was like the hen harrier was flying free! My bathroom all of sudden was full of the smell of lemon which I ABSOLUTELY loved!! When I got in it already made my skin feel so soft, I just slid into a sicilian, liquoricey (if that's a even word) heaven. That's what Lush have nailed - they make products that they know will help people relax, products that take all the weight of your shoulders and help you feel great!! So for that - Thank you!

So if you are like me and feel completely over whelmed and are desperate for some 'me' time, go to Lush grab some products (maybe some christmassy ones) and have a bath!

That totally turned into a Bath and a Lush appreciation post - not even sorry!

I'd love to hear what Lush Product is your favourite? Also what do you do when you're having some 'me' time?

'Till next time ...

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  1. OMG that looks incredible!
    Jabeen x