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My ASOS Curve Christmas Jumper Picks!

Ho Ho Hello again,

Today's post is going to be my first ever fashion post (I thought I should probably start as my blog states it's about Life, Beauty and Fashion) so as it's almost Christmas I thought I'd do a post solely on Festive Christmas jumpers!! So if that sounds right up your alley then here you go! (I say sole jumpers, there's one sneaky tee in there - just a little disclaimer, I have not been asked to do this post, all views are my own).

All of these items are from the ASOS Curve range as I am a bigger girly but they do have some great Christmas jumpers in smaller sizes as I feel everyone should own at least one festive jumper!!

There's so many options, I don't know what one to choose, what one would you choose??

'Till Next Time ...

1 comment

  1. I love Christmas jumpers these are lovely alternatives to the cheesy novelty jumpers. Love the bow elbows

    Carrieanne xx