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My Review on my Favourite Real Technique Brushes.

Hello Again, I told you I'd be back! (Sorry this is late - next week my posts will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, promise).

Todays post is going to be my personal review on some of the Real Techniques brushes. The brushes I am going to be featuring are by all accords my favourite go to brushes. This consists on The Core Collection Set Brushes and the 301 Flat Contour Brush from their beautiful Bold metals Collection (literally obsessed with these brushes).

These are actually the very first make up brushes I have ever owned. I have always been the girl who applies all her base make up with her fingers then used the little applicator that comes with the eyeshadow. These brushes have literally changed my life - I now know about contouring because of these brushes, that there is a certain brush for your eyeshadow base along with a different one for your crease (my mind literally exploded a little bit).

But anyway I am going to start with the Core Collection Set as that was what I purchased first. In this set you get 4 brushes, the Detailer Brush, The Contour Brush, The Buffing Brush and the Pointed Foundation Brush along with a little handy travel case. My favourite brush out of the set is hands down the Buffing Brush. This is a brush that the angels made, I apply my MAC Mineralise Foundation with it and it gives such an air brushed effect - who doesn't want to look airbrushed?? I don't have a bad word to say about it!!

The next brush I'm going to be talking about is the Pointed Foundation Brush - now I do not use this to apply foundation. I much prefer a bigger brush as I feel it covers more surface area than a little brush - but this brush is amazing for applying concealer - especially on the chin area and under the eyes. I just dip it into my MAC prolongwear concealer and dab it onto my little problem areas. It helps apply it perfectly!

Next up is the Detailer brush - now this brush is meant for concealer touch ups but I actually use it for those pernickety eyeshadow details, either applying a line of eyeshadow along my lash line or for colour in the tear duct area. The size of this brush is perfect for exactly that.

The last brush (but certainly not the least) in the Core Collection is the contour brush - this is probably the brush I have used the most. It does exactly what is says on the brush. It has been shaped to fit into your cheekbones perfectly. It holds a lot of product and its super soft as are all of the Core Collection Brushes. Another thing I use this brush for is for Concealer Touch Up - if any eyeshadow powder has fallen while being applied this is super for gently sweeping away any excess.

Phew, lets take a breath - I can't help myself - these brushes are damn amazing!

The last brush I am going to mention is hands down my favourite brush that I own. The 301 Flat Contour Brush from the Bold metals Collection. Lets just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful this brush is! From the colour to the shape to the length! B-E-A-UTIFUL. The handle on the brush is actually in a diamond shape which is so nice to hold! The brush itself is completely flat - perfect for applying your bronzer in your temples along with obviously your cheek bones. I love the entire Bold Metals collection and one day I will own the entire collection - don't tell Sam!

I will recommend these brushes to everyone and anyone until I don't like them anymore - which I can probably say 99% won't happen!! So thank you to Real Techniques - keep doing amazing things - which all in all makes people like me happy!!

I have said perfect way too much in this post but if you have used any Real Techniques brush then you will understand. Also want to say thank you again to my good friend Eilidh who bought me the 301 brush for my birthday - she knows me so well!!

'Till next time ...

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