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All things 'ooh' and Matte, Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette | Beauty

It may come as a shock but this time last year the only makeup I wore was a light layer of mascara and the odd application of lip balm, I know, not even brows (eek). These days I wear more than that just to run along to the shop! I haven't ventured much into the higher end of makeup as I tend to stick with drugstore and the odd thing from MAC and KIKO but I do have a slight obsession with Urban Decay and when I saw this doing the rounds on the beauty scene I knew it would make a great addition and after a call from my Mum asking if I'd like it for Christmas I made a room for it on my shelf! Introducing, the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette! 

Firstly I must speak about the packaging, it's goddamn gorgeous! Not too bulky and I think it's the perfect size for a medium to large makeup bag, plus there is a decent sized mirror which is always handy. You also get a cute double ended brush which I never tend to use but one end is very dense and small which is perfect for smudging shades along your lash line. 

I have read that this is the best all matte palette, don't get me wrong the shades are great but I would say there is one shimmer in here and that would be Magnet, this grey shade has a slight silver shimmer. This doesn't bother me at all but I thought I'd just say in case you were wanting to invest in an all matte palette. But if you are then I would say not to look any further. (Cue all the usual lingo) These shades do have great pigmentation although the first two don't show up on my very well but I am quite pale so we'll let that slide. I wouldn't say they're creamy or buttery but they're definitely not chalky and they are pretty blendable but I would recommend to use a primer or concealer first as this helps with the process.

My favourite shades are all right next to each other and I have been wearing them all since Boxing day! They are Extra Bitter, Faith and Lockout. The orange hue in Extra Bitter gives me life and it's making me a fan of colour and Faith and Lockout are great together in the crease for an everyday look or you can add some oomph for a glam look. Retailing at £38.50 I think this is great value for money, you can pull off many looks with this and there's a decent amount of product in each pan which should last you a lifetime, or until you hit pan in your fave shade and feel the need to re-purchase.

There is my first Beauty post for the year and it's a knockout for me. Now I'm off to stare at it a little longer...

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