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My Body Shop Favourites

Hello Again,

Apologies for this post being late (I was dreadfully hangover on Saturday when I was supposed to be doing the finishing touches to it and since then I have been full of the cold - but I'm back to normal so the post's will be too). Today's post is going to be all about the 5 Body Shop Products that I have been using non stop recently. Now I used to always be in the body shop (especially for the body butters, they just smell amazing) but for some reason I had stopped going in. So when I was walking past about 2 months ago I thought I'd pop in and pick up a few little things to see if I still love them as much as I used to.

The first thing I wanted to pick up was the Vitamin E Eyes Cube (get it ice cube, eyes cube). I had actually seen this on an advert on Youtube and I liked the look of it so when I saw it I just had to buy it. It's a dinky little roll on for under your eyes (not sure if you can use it on your eye lids - but I have and it's never caused me any issues). This is super hydrating and nourishing for my under eyes, I tend to get a little bit of dry skin there so this is a god send! It's also the perfect size to take with you out and about which is always a good thing for a girl on the go! This is from there Vitamin E range and is £9.00 - definitely worth it!

Next up is the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream in the shade 01. I have been hunting high and low for a really good BB cream as especially for work I sometimes just don't feel like wearing a heavy foundation so when I saw this I thought I'd give it a bash and low and behold, I love it! It smells very strongly of Tea Tree, which I wasn't so keen on to begin with but it doesn't bother me anymore. The coverage of this is really good, it's definitely light coverage but it hides all the dullness and blemishes on my skin. This comes in three different shades but if you can't find on that suits you exactly i've found that this shade anyway, is quite build able which does darken it a little. This is also quite affordable for a BB creme at £8.00 - so I will be repurchasing this when mine runs out!

Next is something that I have repurchased already (in different scents) is the Mango Hand Cream. Now this smells like your cutting up a fresh mango! It is so nice (I use this at my desk at work and people coming into the office are always saying it smells great) it's lovely! I have really bad dry skin on my hands like I've said before so I have to be careful what I put on them but this is so gentle and so moisturising. I have now bought the Coconut and Satsuma scents and they smells just as good as my Mango one! So if you have dry skin, try this! It's super affordable for such a great hand cream at only £4.00!

Next up is the Hydrating toner from the Vitamin E Range, this is really nice on my skin. It's suitable for all skin types and is alcohol free. I like to use this after I have cleansed and it just leave my face feeling so clean and fresh. I don't actually remember the price of this but it was super affordable (I think it's from their miniature range) I also hope that they sell it in bigger bottles as this has almost ran out. It's a lot thicker than other toners I have used which I actually prefer as I feel like it soaks into my skin - love this!

Last up, but my favourite is the Coconut Body Butter! Again - this smells amazing (I really wish the Internet had the capability of scratch and sniff - because everyone should smell this). This is a product that I used years ago and I'm so glad i picked it up - I just wish I picked up the bigger tub - but I will be next time. This is such a thick luxurious butter, I use it on my arms, elbows, knees and my face actually! I just really like the thickness of it and I find after using this on my face it leave it feeling super soft and looking so healthy!! I apply it first things in the morning to give my skin a boost and before I go to bed. The tub I bought was the 50ml and that is £5.00 but you can get it in 200ml tubs and 400ml (I'll be buying a 400ml tub next time, that's for sure).

So the result of whether I love the Body Shop as much as I did way back when is:
I do - their products are just as good as I remember them being and they have so much more choices now (even make up - eek) so I will be becoming a regular in my local store!

So that's my Body Shop Favourites at the moment - what's your favourite products from The Body Shop?

'Till next time ...

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