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My Review on September's Blogger Beauty Box

Hello Again,

It's time for me to do my review on the products that were inside my September Blogger Beauty Box, Overall I really liked this box and I have already got my October Box so hopefully this will become a monthly occurrence, So lets begin ...
  1. Yes to - Age Refresh cleansing facial wipes.
I used these for a couple of days in a row but I wasn't a huge fan as they did seem to irritate my skin, I do think it's because I have super sensitive skin but I will happily try out more products by them. They smelled amazing though and they were really handy to have in my hand bag.

     2. Sniffy Wiffy Raspberry Hand cream.

This is one of my favourite products out of this box. It's a very natural hand cream that has left my hands feeling silky smooth and smelling great. Again, I also love the message that they are bringing awareness to, I have used this so much that my little pot is almost finished so I will have to get my hands on another. I've been carrying it around with me and especially now because we're getting into the cold weather it's been great to keep my hands moisturised when I'm out and about. Love this!

     3. Make Up Revolution lipstick in the shade luscious. 

I really really like this lipstick, I'm a big fan of make up revolution as they're super affordable and the pigmentation of this lipstick is perfect for me (It's not too much but it's enough). It's very moisturising and a little feature that I love is the little amount of product at the end, you can actually unscrew that once you've finished your stick and use it from there - I have actually bought more lipsticks from Make Up revolution since receiving this in Septembers box as I really like it (I actually wore this on a night out I had recently and got so many compliments). I do have to say that it doesn't last for very long on your lips but it was only £1 so it didn't bother me very much.

     4. Your's Truly organics serum.

I have to honestly say that this was the only product from September's box that disappointed me. The reason being was because I opened it and used it once but and with it being a sample pouch I tried to keep it sealed but it went all gloopy and kind of dried out. So I didn't get the chance to properly try this to build an opinion on it. So I can't really say much else but that hasn't put me off - if I do see more products from this brand then I will 

     5. Beautiful movements cosmetics lip Gloss.

I really liked this lip gloss, more so because it went perfectly with the Make Up Revolution lipstick. I got this in the shade Gypsy Spirit which is a lovely warm terracotta colour. It's very pigmented and very glossy (definitely a glossy gloss). It's not really a colour that I would wear on a day to day basis but if I have a night out or an occasion that I'm getting dressed up for this would be perfect!

So that is my review of September's Blogger Beauty Box, as I've said before I really like this subscription box - it's definitely one of my favourites!

Are you a blogger? If so try and get your hands on one of these beauties - and remember there's only a small amount available each month, so be quick!

You can register for one via their website (again, it's only available to bloggers).

'Till next time ...

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