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KIKO Milano Launches in Aberdeen

The Makeup gods have answered my prayers for an affordable makeup brand to open a store in Aberdeen, KIKO Milano is officially open for business in Union Square! (Whoop Whoop)

'Be what you want to be', this is how KIKO sums up their vision of beauty. It's very refreshing, instead of saying, "you should aspire to look like this" or "use this product to look like this", instead they want you to use their products in any way you want to be what you want to be - nice one KIKO!

They are an exceptionally innovative brand, investing time in their ranges, textures and they don't test on animals, always a plus!

I was invited along to preview the brand new store in Aberdeen but I missed it because I sadly had to work (was going to try and say I had a doctors appointment, but I'm sure my boss would have had something to say if I went in with a bag full of makeup) so the lovely people at Wizard Publicity, London sent me up some of KIKO's hero products to try.

This is one of the two Water Eyeshadows that I received, this is the shade 207 and its a lovely metallic bronze with flecks of gold. I love that you can use this as a normal eyeshadow or apply water to make it more rich in colour. I have actually been using this with some water to do my wing - works a treat with the 204 eye brush! I also received the shade 201 which is a lovely rose taupe.

After the shower in the morning my face likes to go a lovely shade of red (picture a perfect tomato and that's me) so this Skin Tone Face Base works wonders. It's a green primer which helps cover up that awful redness and the annoying spots that tend to appear and never budge!

As you maybe know if you've been following my blog for a while I'm not a fan of a bright lip so when I saw this lipstick I was over the moon - it's the perfect 'your lips but better' shade. First off, the packaging of this lipstick is knock out. You click the bottom and the lid comes off, I know this may sound silly but it's makes a change of just having a normal lid. Secondly this formula is one of the best I've ever worn, it's exceptionally moisturising which is great for this time of year and it lasts really well even though it's not a matte! This is in the shade 104, Vintage Rose and it's one of the Gossamer Emotion creamy lipsticks.

It may be after Christmas but I will sure be heading down to the KIKO store to pick up ... well, everything, is that allowed?


  1. I popped in there yesterday before work and had to try so hard not to buy anything. I'll definitely be treating myself after Christmas though! So delighted KIKO has finally come to Aberdeen.

    Eilidh ||

  2. It's all so tempting isn't it?! New year, new makeup! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! X