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Finding the Perfect Glasses ... with

Ever struggled to find a pair of glasses that you absolutely love? I sure have! It's a huge commitment buying a pair especially when the high street options charge a small fortune. If this is ringing a bell then don't worry, I have a solution for you -

Sam and I both wear glasses, Sam from the minute he wakes up till the minute he goes to bed and myself when I am working away at my computer or binge watching the latest TV series on Netflix (come on, we've all been there). So when we decided to look for glasses we turned to the Internet in hope to find great quality glasses at affordable prices but we didn't find that, we found something better! Stylish frames of a premium quality at exceptionally good prices. As cheesy as that sounds, it's actually true!

Perfect Glasses stock prescription glasses for both men and women and even prescription sunglasses if you need them. They have some of the world's best brands such as Police, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Boss Orange and even more! Wait for the best bit because here it comes - you can get a great pair of prescription glasses from as little as £9 - yes £9!

Once we found a pair each that we loved we used their 'Try On' service, we simply uploaded a photo of our faces and the glasses were there so we could see how they would look and fit - this was super handy. So for women they have thousands of styles to choose from whether you're looking for geek, retro, over-sized, full rimmed, semi-rimmed, classic or rimless, they have something for every fashionista! For the gents they stock over 3000 of the latest designs which are sure to give you a smart, confident and suave look. You will definitely find a pair of frames that will make you look sophisticated, urban and debonair. So when you order your glasses you get:

free prescription lenses
free scratch resistant lenses
order status updates throughout

They really do have great Customer service as Sam has quite a difficult prescription but they had no bother at all. Once the orders had been placed it literally only took a few days and the glasses arrived - just like that.

"I really like an unusual pattern on glasses so when I saw this Carrera pair with an almost marble pattern, I knew they were the one for me. I used the 'Try On' service and loved that I could see how they would look on me and fit my face. After arriving just a few days after placing our order I was not disappointed. I hate heavy frames as I feel they really weigh down on your face but with this pair - I couldn't really feel them on.  I have also had so many compliments, I'm really happy, 10/10 from me!"

"I went for a Grey, Boss Orange pair and I chose these glasses because all my previous pairs have been a conventional rectangle frame and I liked the design on the legs - it really grabbed my attention. The 'Try On' service was really good, I spent hours trying on different pairs. They arrived just a couple of days after we ordered them which was so speedy. I was very impressed with how lightweight they were, such a change from my usual bulky frames. I would recommend this service for people who are looking for that stand out pair of glasses that you don't usually find in your local opticians. have a vast array of glasses - there really is something for everyone and the prices cannot be beaten."

If you are needing a new pair of fashionable glasses and don't want the hassle of going into your high street optician and paying their prices then have a look on and you're sure to find a few dozen pairs that you'll love!!
Disclaimer: This is a collaboration with perfect glasses where I was gifted both pairs. All opinions are honest and our own - the service is truly first class.


  1. You two look so good in glasses! I have to have a look at the website suggested by you. I found a pair that I loved a few months back but they are gone now! Iga x

  2. Ewan just got two new pairs of glasses. I am definitely directing him to this!! Great post Sarah.



    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Georgie! They really are good and damn affordable!! x

  3. You both really do look nice in glasses... I always feel like I stand out like a soar thumb! But maybe getting some more "statement" like these would be better. Really handy post! and different.


    1. Thank you so much Hannah! They really do have some cool and quirky frames - standing out isn't always a bad thing! Thank you for your comment! x