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Aberdeen Blogger's Halloween Event, #Aberscream | #abzchat

Happy Halloween!!

Myself and three other Aberdeen bloggers (team #abzchat) threw our very first social last week and I have to say I think we did good! It was a pre-Halloween party, #aberscream. This is the very first event that I have helped organise and yes it was stressful at times, but in the end (and a few desperate messages to Julia) everything came together and I personally couldn't be happy with how it turned out on the night.

It was held in a local bar in Aberdeen called Bos'n and it was the best venue to have it in as the decor was already what we were wanting, there was sugar skulls on the walls, lanterns hanging across the rooms etc so decorations wise, there wasn't much to do other than spread some cobwebs about. Our night happened to land on National Calvados week so Père Magloire Calvados were our fantastic drinks sponsor for the whole night showcasing their Apple Brandy. The Bos'n team created three cocktails around the apple brandy for us to chose from and they were all a knock out:

A'wight Treacle; with toffee sauce and pressed apple
The Wild Ones; elderflower cordial and lime
Bad Blood; fresh lemon, egg white, red wine and bitters

I tried all of the cocktails and The Wild Ones was favourable to myself and many other but as I was frantically trying to make sure everyone else was sorted and happy, I stuck to soft drinks.

Food wise we had some terrifyingly delicious canapés from Rye and Soda which can be found below Bos'n. The canapés were a choice of Macaroni Cheese bites with a tomato sauce, gorgeous Black Pudding scotch eggs (they were incredible) and some fish tacos and chicken tacos.

For those with a sweet tooth (me me me) there was plenty of choices from cauldrons filled to the brim of sweets, ghoulish popcorn bags, marshmallow vamps and Halloween cupcakes. We also had Mr. Ghost, a cake that we bought and branded with our hashtag for the night. The best thing for me though, sugar wise, were the tasty Halloween edition Krispy Kreme Donuts! I am such a fan of krispy kreme donuts anyway but with a creepy face added I'm hooked. They kindly gifted us two of their reward cards so we could get 24 decedent donuts - thank you so much - they went down a treat!

Over the course of the night there was a few different things for the bloggers to get stuck into (including apple bobbing but I'm not sure anyone bobbed, I was scared I'd lose some of my latex wrinkles) but one thing that seemed to go down really well was the 'Selfie Station'. We made the backdrop, set up the camera, laid out the props and let everyone take it from there. I had the great job of going through all the images and uploading them - safe to say I had a right good laugh while doing so. Take a look at some of our bloggers on the night - I must say 10 out of 10 to everyone who dressed up, you all made such an amazing effort!

Karen did a cemetery themed Raffle, where everyone on arrival got to choose their tombstone and see if they were lucky enough to win a prize, I sadly did not but I won a good time, right?? There were some fab prizes up for grabs such as a meal for two at Thaihkun, make-up session by the gorgeous Hannah Adams, a cozy hat from Hamish Munro, mini pamper sessions from The Body Shop and so much more.

There was also a Costume Competition where everyone could vote for their 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place and it was so difficult to choose as the bar was set high but the votes were counted (and verified, I feel like Davina) and in 3rd Place was the gorgeous Georgie as Freida, 2nd Place was the dreadfully dead Iga as the Corpse Bride and in 1st Place was yours truly as a crazy-old-cat Lady! 2nd and 3rd place walked away with a mini pamper session from The Body Shop and I won a Styling Session from HJC Styling along with a mini pamper session also. Thanks to everyone who took part - you all looked great!

Before the night came to a close everyone got handed their Goodie Bag! Let's take a look and see what was inside:

A4 and A5 Print from Graphic Designer Laura Campbell
The Body Shop lip glosses, samples and Colouring Book
Taylor Sleep Pillow case from ChattyPillow
Halloween Oreo Rocky Road slices from Cake Addict Kintore
Chocolate Bar from Love Cocoa
Products from Lush Aberdeen
Lipgloss from Western and Granite
Vanilla and Choc Chip Marshamallows from Marshmology

I really hope everyone liked what was in their Goodie Bags - here's a few bloggers who do!

There was so much that went into this event and I'm exceptionally grateful to everyone who took part, contributed and attended - especially to Bos'n, 10 Dollar Shake. Thank you all so much, here's to the next one! 

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  1. So upset I couldn't make it! It looks amazing! Missed you yesterday at Rye & Soda. Hope April is feeling better x