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Water is Important, Drink more! | Review of the Original Aquatiser

Hello Again,

I've recently been trying to have a healthier diet (even though it's been easter and there's been chocolate eggs everywhere) and a major part of trying to change is cutting out a lot of fizzy drinks! Now I know how important water is in diet but to me I've always found it a chore drinking it because it doesn't taste all that exciting which I think a lot of people have the same opinion - so I introduce to you, the Aquatiser Original! 

Now let me give you a bit of the background of the Aquatiser! It all started when Charlotte was studying health and nutrition and she realises that big changes needed to happen to make the nation be more aware of what being 'healthy' consisted of. Their purpose is to support our healthy lifestyle. So using the Aquatiser helps you drink more water and help with your 5 a day! It makes it enjoyable!

This is the Original Aquatiser (more colours than pink are available) and it's only £15.99 which is so affordable for what there is and you can also purchase ice balls and cooler bags. I'm going to talk you through the different parts that puts it all together.

First of all the original is made from plastic (the pink parts) and glass which means you have have both hot and cold drinks in it. I have only had cold drinks but this would be great for any flavoured tea! Here I have my Aquatiser alL ready to go, today I'm going to have strawberries and grapes but you can literally have anything, mango, sprig of mint - anything!

The Aquatiser is mainly three parts - The Top Container - The Juicers - The Bottom Container.

In the top container you can add in larger pieces of fruit and even ice, you can buy this little silicone ice ball from the website for only £2.99 and you can just add in water through the top hole or you can even add fruit and then add water.

The Juicers (the pink parts) these actually come apart, there's a large juicer and a small juicer. The large juicer adds instant flavour and acts like a filter to keep the fruit in the bottom container. The small juicer compresses the produce (because you don't just have to use fruit, you can use vegetables too) and extracts the flavour.

The bottom container is where you can put larger pieces of produce and then the small juicer helps infuse this with the water.

Then ta-daa, you have nice flavoured water to take with you which will help you stay hydrated though the day and helps you have some of your 5 a day. If you don't fancy eating the produce after you've finished the water you could add either the fruit to a smoothie or the veg to soup!

Overall I have loved using my Aquatiser, I've taken it to work every day and it's taken my mind off of the fizzy drink vending machine. It's light weight, easy to use and easy to clean.

If you're wanting to try and make changes then I really do recommend the Aquatiser it does help you drink more H20, there's even an Aquatiser Sport for the more active! There's also some different recipes if you're struggling to decide on what to have!

Thank you to Charlotte for sending me this product to review!

*All opinions are my own - If I didn't like something, I wouldn't say I did.


  1. I love the pretty design and pink silicone rubber, so girly and cute! I am considering getting water bottle for me but I am not sure if it won't be too heavy.

  2. Hi Iga!! It's so good but if you're worried about the weight then maybe look at the Aquatiser sport as it's very lightweight!!

  3. This looks like a fun way to get motivated to drink more water!

  4. Have not seen this one before. A great way to make water more interesting to drink